[F/HA] One Day Volume 11 Translated!

And the rest, as they say, is history!


Can’t believe it’s been all 12 volumes already, ahaha. I remember starting this sometime back, but the 12 volumes of Ronpaia’s One Day Series me and my translator set out to finish are done!

So, here y’all go:

Mediafire: HERE

Depositfiles: HERE

And thanks for sticking around. Volume 13 in about a week or so!

Edit: Y u do dis Mediafire. Link replaced.

Edit2: v2 time! Link for MF and Depositfiles up. Ifile nothx, too slow. Terribly sorry for the sloppiness even though I realized it only now.

10 thoughts on “[F/HA] One Day Volume 11 Translated!

  1. Theres only 13 volumes? Man i love this series, specially ’cause Rider it’s so funny and cute XD

    Thanks for the good times bro. Cheers from Venezuela!

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