Together with House-Husband, Part 2, Chapter 1 – The Beginning


Together with House-Husband, Part 2, Chapter 1 – The Beginning

He opened the window and breathed in the air from outside. The gently blowing Autumn wind passed through a room on the second floor and blew away the dust that filled it. Archer looked down upon a large stack of books piled on the floor and sighed.

The children’s father, Tohsaka Tokiomi, had left on a journey almost a year ago. This was actually the first time Archer had gone to clean his room.

Archer could focus his magical power and “see” the composition of an object. He had guessed at the awful state of the interior of this room from the very start of when he had come to live in the Tohsaka household, and was filled with a desire to straighten it out. Even if he might try to deny it, he was essentially predisposed to act as a housecleaner. He could not permit the dwelling he lived in to lie in ruins for even an instant. When he perceived that the effect of the magic seal Tokiomi had placed on the room had decayed due to the absence of the mage, he immediately exposed the private room and set to cleaning.

He swept away the piled dust with a feather duster and wiped away the stubborn spots with a dry cloth. After starting at five in the morning and going for six hours, he at long last paused. When he opened the window, started drying by letting the breeze in, and neatly arranged everything in their ideal locations, the cleaning was at an end.

“But… No matter how much of a disaster this room may have been, uncovering another person’s private sanctuary might have been a slightly wrong of me…”
After cleaning and pausing for a moment, Archer again realized the significance of his own barbarity. Well, there was no use crying over spilt milk… A smile of satisfaction rose to his lips as Archer looked over the now orderly room.
“Well then… I still have some time until my meeting with the children, so… What should I do?”
In his eyes was a mountain of books. Thinking it would be fine even if it were just to kill time, he took one in hand.

It was an extremely old book. The binding and letters were handwritten, and when he looked at the format, it appeared to be some sort of collection of records. He drew open the cover and looked over the book for the first time.

…18XX. It appeared to be describing something that took place roughly two hundred years ago. After that date, the studies of sorcery by one of the ancestors of the Tohsaka family, Tohsaka Nagato, and his training process in order to reach the root, were recorded.

“Accomplished in both scholarly and physical pursuits. By thoroughly training himself, he’ll reach the root… Huh. Hah, he’s clumsy, but he’s nothing if not straightforward. With that as a target, he may well have made a pile of books this size. The Tohsaka family has certainly developed quite nicely.”
It appeared to have been written in the Edo period. Whilst he perceived the footsteps of the nation’s impending collapse that would arrive within mere decades, Tohsaka Nagato confronted sorcery in the midst of human society without staining himself with blood. However, he merely did what he could.

He was familiar with a certain name that appeared in the text. Men from the North. Bearers of gold. They were a distinguished family of magicians, known as the Einzberns. They sought the Holy Grail, for they were captivated by its miracle. The Einzbern family had implemented a system of magic solely for its sake. Tohsaka Nagato, and later Matou Zouken, participated in their plan, and as a result tried to produce a single miracle.

A ceremony, to utilize the “Holy Grail” and pry open a path to the root… Within this book lay information that recorded the process and contents of the research to manufacture a Great Holy Grail.


He heard a childish voice calling him from downstairs. He looked at the clock. It was already past twelve.
“Hmm… I was caught up in reading this, I suppose.”
“Sorry about that, I’m coming now!”
Taking efforts not to damage the book, he placed it on top of the desk, after he shut the windows and drew the curtains, he left Tohsaka Tokiomi’s private room.

“Geez, you’re late! What were you doing?”
Rin, her cheeks puffed out, scowled at Archer coming down from the second floor. The cute ribbon around the stomach of a fall blouse gave her a look like she was going out.
“Archer-san was cleaning.”
Dressed similarly in her best clothes and sweetly composed, Sakura giggled and looked at her older sister.
“…Huh? I thought I heard something, but… But I didn’t notice at all.”
“That’s because you were still asleep until a little bit ago, Nee-san… Mmmph!”
“Whaaaah! G-, geez, who cares about that! Come on, let’s get going to the department store!”
Rin held Sakura’s arms from behind and covered her mouth. Archer laughed, and after mentioning that he would “re-knit” the clothes, turned and faced the entranceway.
“Alright, let’s go, sleepyhead.”
“D-, don’t call me sleepyhead! Uuuuu!”
“Geez… You’re hair’s all tangled, Nee-san.”
Rin pursued Archer at a trot. Fixing her hair with teary eyes, Sakura followed along.

Today, they were going out to Shinto today to shop. Amidst the clear Autumn weather, the three stepped forth together towards the city.

Together With House Husband: Part 2, Chapter 1
The Great Holy Grail.
The old book that had been found in the master of the house’s room that had been shut was a glimpse of the beginning of the war that had taken place in Fuyuki since the ancient days. However, for the three in the midst of peace there was no need for it as of yet. Until the time came one day, the book would slumber on top of the desk.

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