Together with House-Husband, Part 2, Chapter 2 – Foreign Object

Archer the Guardian

Together with House-Husband, Part 2, Chapter 2 – Foreign Object

Vrrrmm… Vn…. Psssh…

The bus climbed the hill and moved as if it was sliding into the stop, coming to a halt in front of the three. It was a Fuyuki City bus that ran from the front of Shinto station to the old homes in Miyama. This was the last stop on one end, in Miyama. Idling and shaking, the bus caught the afternoon sunlight and glittered brilliantly.
“Wooow… The bus is so pretty…”
Sakura’s eyes went wide as she gazed at the shining white body.

Miyama still had a classical look remaining to its houses and streets, and at long last when the city began to appear, it was in Shinto. The Fuyuki City strongly mired in the old days went forward into the new century and finally shed its ancient hide and tried to step forth into the future. The sparkling new body of the Fuyuki loop line bus could be called a part of Shinto’s development. The beautifully white bus took flight from the old houses and streets, and before long gave a feeling that a developed Shinto was approaching to its residents.

Rin boarded the bus and ran to ensure a seat with a good view. Seeing her off with a sardonic smile, Archer put the fare for all three in the coin slot.
“Your daughter? She’s got a lot of energy!”
The old driver, mistaking Rin as Archer’s child, smiled and asked the question.
“…She’s a relative’s. If it was me, I’d want to raise her to be a bit more graceful.”
Answering with a bitter smile, Archer looking at the laughing driver.
“Ha ha ha… It’s best if kids are active. You take care too, little girl.”
Hiding behind Archer, Sakura bowed her head to the waving bus driver, embarrassed. She was essentially a very shy girl.
“Hey, I got us the best seat on the bus, so hurry up and get over here!”
Archer glanced at and gave a wry smile to Rin, waving her hand and delighted at the empty bus, and took Sakura’s hand and moved towards the back.

As the old city streets changed in the window of the departing bus, it gradually proceeded down the hill. Soon, a large river came into view, the Mion. The big river separated Miyama and Shinto, and above it was a large bridge in the shape of an arch. “Fuyuki’s Big Bridge” sat firmly. It was the sole connecting route between the two cities, and had been called Fuyuki’s main artery. The bus caught the sea breeze and approached the bridge.

“Wooow! The sea is so pretty!”
Rin stuck her face out the window and gazed at the sparkling surface of the water.
“It is!”
Chasing the gulls flying overhead with her eyes, Sakura narrowed her eyes at the beautiful scenery as well.
“Hey, it’s dangerous to stick your head out, and it’s plenty cold already. Close the window.”
Archer took Rin’s arm into his hand and deftly held her body, and then shut the window. For Fuyuki, the city that knew only an eternal winter, the advent of the season was near. The breeze blowing through the window had already brought with it a slight chill.
“Oh, c’mon! There’s nothing romantic about you, Archer!”
Rin shot him a look of dissatisfaction.
“I’m fine with being a realist. I’m the one who would be upset if you caught a cold. You’d be biting the hand that feeds you.”
“I’m not that weak! Fine!”
Rin clung to the window, a displeased look on her face. Archer and Sakura exchanged glances and laughed.

As if she had come across something, Rin stared at the bank of the Mion River and craned her neck.
“What’s wrong?”
“…Hmm… Isn’t that ship kind of weird, somehow?”
Archer looked at the ship as well. Two boats were moored to the shore. One was a large sized passenger boat. The other was … Large, but run down.
“…I see. It certainly is… Strange.”
“…Yeah… I can’t really explain it well, but…”
“Eh? Is something wrong?”
Sakura also leaned forward and stared at the ship. The two ships looked cramped anchored to one dock. The Fuyuki side of the port stuck out into the sea and was on the side of the Shinto shore. Having two passenger ships moored painfully close together was, somehow…rather strange.
“…Well, there’s no point in us worrying about it. That’s just how it is.
“…I guess. Ahhh, I can’t wait for the department store!”
“Eh heh heh, yeah!”
The two began to focus on how to spend their holiday.

The bus crossed the large bridge and entered Shinto city.
The flowing scenery began to reproduce the changing look of Shinto’s streets and buildings. Archer gave a last, fleeing glimpse to the worn-out ship that looked as if it may sink at any moment.

It came here to sink.

Archer bore that impression as he looked at the aged ship.

Together With House Husband, Part 2, Chapter 2.

The old ship.
An old ship has appeared in the Fuyuki City that has tried to abandon the aged look of its buildings and streets. In a Fuyuki trying to change into a new existence, it appears out of place in his eyes

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