Random thoughts on FMA Brotherhood’s old OP

‘Cause on lonely editing nights I have nothing better to do. Also my 360 is dying (again, this is like time number 3 fuck’s sake) so I can’t insult Cokematic on Xbox Live.

So yeah, I was watching the OP for the first few episodes of FMA: Brohood, when I came to about…1:24 I think, the scene where the homonculi come out of each other’s mouths.

I was essentially thinking, since well, Envy comes out of gluttony, what’s the relation there? Excessive desire and want for food would make any man envious of his richer neighbour who has more food (and better food) than he, and thus the seed of jealousy grows and envy takes root.

Then, as time passes and while you eat your super-sized megamcdonald’s meal and grow fatter and fatter and fatter (yes, america, the KFC doubledown is only going to make obesity even more of a national issue) while your neighbour has lobster and steak and whatnot, you begin to lust for it, and before you know it, you may even be stealing his food.

So what do all these sins have in common?

When you’re a glutton, you greedily consume food and have an excessive want for it.

When you’re envious, your greed makes you go after everything you think you’d want but lack.

When you lust after someone/something, you have to have it, and a want turns into a greedy, greedy need.

When you’re prideful, you see all as inferior, your greedy desire to have others be seen as inferior to you is your number one priority.

When you’re slothful, you see naught but laziness. A single-minded form of greed that drives one to do nothing and only that, for what could be easier than to do nothing?

However, the sin of wrath is one that rejects the sin of greed. The penultimate expression of wrath is rejection of all that defines one, greed, sloth, envy, pride, etc.



Greed is the most awesome sin. All the other sins fail hard.

Well, excluding Wrath (aka Fuhrer King Hitler Bradley) since Bradley is like a ninja homonculi on steroids.

Then again, anime can’t be deep. Why the hell did I write this?

p.s. I’m bored and since ToV PS3 sold so well, I’m probably getting a slim and sending my lolhuegpowersupplylol failbox 360 back to…wherever.

2 thoughts on “Random thoughts on FMA Brotherhood’s old OP

  1. Bradley/Pride IS Hitler. “I’ve been expanding our territory by winning wars and purifying the race.” That’s EXACTLY what Hitler said he was doing.

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