Together with House-Husband, Part 2, Chapter 4 – What Can Be Done


Together with House-Husband, Part 2, Chapter 4 – What Can Be Done

Archer’s body became a hurricane, and he shot up the stairs with the force of a bullet. At long last, he reached the floor to the side of the stairs.
Rin came out from under a chair, holding Sakura. They were safe.

“What was that loud noise just now?”
Rin stood while holding Sakura’s trembling shoulders and immediately questioned Archer about the situation.
“…An explosion. There was an explosion on the floor above this one. …I can’t say for sure without going to the actual spot, but… It’s unusual for a typical gas explosion, and the shockwave was excessive. There’s a chance it was man-made.”
“An…an explosion…”
The cause of the explosion was still in the realm of speculation, but considering the scale and damage it was a reasonable assumption. The bombed floor was most likely in a disastrous state. Immediate rescue efforts would be vital. Perhaps she could grasp Archer’s impatience. His young master’s mouth tightened, and she looked up at him and spoke.
“…Okay! Go, Archer. We’ll be fine!”
She spoke with a strong smile. But, in contrast to that smile, the small hand embracing her sister was shaking. While pretending not to notice, Archer laughed fearlessly.
“……Heh. Understood. I’ll make sure to come get you, so go wait in front of the building. …Okay?”
When she heard Archer’s words, a smile spread across Rin’s entire face.
She answered with strength in her voice.

With one nod to each other, the two turned to face their own separate destinations.

Rin immediately judged that the elevator was dangerous, and gripping Sakura’s hand determinedly dashed towards the stairs. Her younger sister following silently at her back had a solemn expression for some reason.
“…Huh? What’s wrong, Sakura?”
Rin questioned her sister while they ran.
“…Uuuuu…. I’m….”
At that moment, tears began to spill from Sakura’s eyes. Her free hand rubbed her teary eyes.
“Wah!? Wh-, what’s wrong?”
Rin ceased her movement, and turned towards Sakura in confusion.
“H-, hey! It’s an emergency, so you need to be strong too, Sakura! Come on!”
Rin hastily yet desperately tried to comfort Sakura, but she had no idea as to the reason for her tears.
“I… I…
”Yeah? W-, what’s wrong? D-, don’t tell me you’re hurt somewhere? Does something hurt? Ahhh, just tell me, Sakura!”
Rin was growing increasingly confused with what to do with Sakura, whose tears were flowing freely now. She tried waving her hand about meaninglessly, but her younger sister showed no signs of ceasing to weep.
“Uuuu… Sniff. Y-, you have to stop crying…”
The confusion. Worries about the future. And her show of strength. Tohsaka Rin may have been the true successor of the Tohsaka family, but she was still a child. It was her first time passing through a scene of violence like this. Tears ran from her eyes, lost as to what to do in the unexpected chaos.

Tap tap tap…!

The echo of footsteps.
“Hey, you two! Are you alright!?”
With a pale face, a man in a navy blue uniform ran over, most likely a security guard in the department store.
A sigh escaped, perhaps because the figure that appeared was not their reliable servant. Even so, Rin felt her face turning red at the increasing sense of safety in her heart. Tohsaka Rin was still very much a child.
“Thank god… Did you come from the upper floor?”
“Yeah. I think there’s still people up there. Hurry and get them to safety.”
“Alright. You girls go outside through the emergency exit over there for now. The adults will take care of you later.”
“Okay… Good luck.”
With that, Rin took the hand of her still weeping younger sister and began to run towards the emergency exit.
“Sniff… Nee-san…”
“…Sakura… What’s wrong?”
“I… I… I’m scared…”
“…We didn’t… Tell Archer-san… Good luck…”


Rin nearly tripped and fell.
“Ah ah ah… Whew. Since you were thinking it, Archer knows for sure.”
“We’re going to wait outside so we don’t worry Archer. Archer’s strong. He’ll definitely come back.”
She grasped her younger sister’s hand and forced a smile. Sakura was strong in a way too. She thought intensely about Archer, even more so than her own overwhelming fears.

I’ll be strong too, then. I’ll believe.

Always…Always in ourselves.
And the red back that had saved us from loneliness.

Together With House Husband, Part 2, Chapter 4
So young, and yet…
She is still immature, and there is a little she can do herself. But she realizes what must be done. Protect her younger sister, and believe in her partner.

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