Together with House-Husband, Part 2, Chapter 5 – Experience


Together with House-Husband, Part 2, Chapter 5 – Experience

Archer broke through the mass of people escaping the upper floor by entering spirit form, and at last arrived at the sixth floor, the restaurant area.

The floor was a disaster area. There were children holding their knees and moaning in pain. A mass of people who, in their confusion, had tried to run downstairs and flooded down the escalator, fell like dominoes. There were kitchens that had been set aflame thanks to the impact of the explosion. Smoke covered the ceiling. Archer believed that the center of the explosion would be further upstairs, but he could not neglect this devastation.

Structural Analysis: Restaurant Floor, Entire Area. Situation: Because of the damage to the interior displays due to the shock, it is estimated that over twenty customers are trapped in stores where fires have broken out. Priority: Rescue of the people inside the stores. Prevent a secondary disaster.


To prevent a second calamity, Archer moved to rescue the people trapped in the stores where fires had started. Directly under the explosion, past the crumbling ceiling, broken displays, crushed entrances, and blocked stores, signs of life eventually emerged. They pounded desperately on the wall, seeking aid. There were two shops burning inside, for a total of four. If he broke in one at a time, he would never make it.
“Everyone inside the stores! I’m with the fire department! I’m coming to rescue you, so move away from the walls!”
Archer called out in a large voice, and the sounds of the people across the wall changed. It seemed they were gradually moving away. With a glance at his surroundings, and checking to make sure no one was looking directly at him, Archer sunk into the world of his mind.

“I am the bone of my sword.”

A distortion materialized around Archer. A sense of unease directed towards the world. An expression of the landscape that was his mind.

The Reality Marble, Unlimited Blade Works.

Rather than calling it a perfect activation, it would be closer to say it was a strengthened version of normal Projection. Twelve swords appeared, drawn from his world. Without losing control of any of the swords that had materialized, Archer threw three “arrows” apiece at four points along the wall.

The wall of the sealed stores facing out on the passageway vanished completely. The objective of the arrows now accomplished, they shattered and disappeared, absorbed by the world. Archer gave calm, clear instructions to the avalanche of people who poured out, guiding them in the direction of the stairs. It was verbal skill of such deftness it would have embarrassed a politician. To keep hearts of the customers flustered at the gruesome scene around them from filling with panic, he explained slowly (while masterfully appealing to them), and when he was finished with his instruction he turned towards the rescue of the people who had been injured in the fire.

After he surveyed and diagnosed the injuries of the various people moaning in pain inside the stores with skill that would rival any field medic, he gave instruction to the people who had stayed behind for the sake of their family members, having them make stretchers out of curtains and carry the injured downstairs. There was not a single person who doubted the incredibly skilled Archer’s status as a firefighter. The remaining volunteers began to move quickly under his instructions. Next, after he had extinguished the flames and finished ordinary first aid, came the rescue of the people who had fallen, just like dominoes. Archer confirmed the situation, and after grouping the people who could and couldn’t move, destroyed a section of the escalator and came to the aid of the people who had fallen. The area downstairs had once been dedicated to housewares and bedding, but it thankfully did not want for lifesaving tools. He laid the injured where he had spread out soft cloths; the simple treatment accomplished, Archer decided to leave full-blown treatment to the firefighters and security guards who would come later.

About an hour had passed since the incident. …The firefighters had not arrived. Perhaps they were late because of congestion due to the holiday, but in the meantime, the number of people with injuries that were only worsening only increased. Archer was, after all, not a doctor, and all he could do was prevent more people from dying. Though he did all he could do for that purpose, he ground his teeth at each person gasping in pain that he could not extend a hand of relief to.
“…Don’t think about it.”
He then confirmed that no one had been left behind on the floor itself. He had finished the measures dealing with the source of the fire, but he had no idea when the fire might start for a second time. And he could not let the number of suffering people increase. There were still some on the floor above. With a leap, he ascended the broken escalator and looked around the restaurant area.

Towards the center of the floor was an employee waiting room. The center of the explosion was directly above the restaurant floor. This area was not greatly damaged, but that did not mean there were no injured.
“Is anyone there!?”
Archer raised his voice while analyzing the structure.

Structural Analysis was not a type of clairvoyance. It was the magic he had first studied, a form of sorcery that involved passing magical power through an object, understanding its structure, and assembling a blueprint in his mind. The scope of the magic Emiya Shirou could employ was of no comparison with Archer’s. It was capable of reading a much large object, such as a building- but only that; it could not make an analysis of delicate circumstances.

Sound, smell, vibrations, visual information, advance intelligence; all information was assembled in an instant and made into a “layout”. This commanding view was the magic of Structural Analysis. His power had been feared on the battlefield, an ability formed from a fragment of “the eye of the mind”. It was an ability born from his vast experience, after intense study.

As Archer progressed further, newly acquired knowledge was taken in by “Structural Analysis”. Something was out of place in that pool of knowledge. A faint sound. It painted two small silhouettes in the corner of the floor.

Before the corner, between decorative and potted plants…
A red headed young boy tied a plank to a girl’s leg and administered first aid.

Together With House Husband, Part 2, Chapter 5
Rescue efforts.
Having survived countless scenes of bloodshed, Archer’s rescue skills are of an extraordinary level, but he sought methods of rescue as a restraint for battle. When he did, he felt his great absence of ability to save people that a doctor would have. He did not heal so much as he prevented. It was the path he chose, but he could not suppress the pain in his heart.
At that moment.
The boy that appeared before his eyes was trying to save someone, just as he had.

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