Shinakoi Chapter 1 Translated!

Normally I put out doujinshi here, and most of what I do is Type-Moon related, so here’s a nice fresh breath of change!

Shinakoi is a shounen kendo battle manga that revolves around Touyama Sakura and two other guys, Sakaki and Ryuunosuke. Sakura’s pretty normal, gifted in kendo and all that, but Sakaki and Ryuunosuke are like BATMAN ANGSTY because Sakaki’s teacher (who is also Ryuunosuke’s mom) died at the hands, of one Narukami Koharu (i’m guessing) who’s if I were to speculate is pretty much final boss material.

So tl;dr Sakura is the heroine, Ryuunosuke is on a batman “PAAAAAAAAAAARENTS DEAD” trip, Sakaki follows him and Koharu is the final boss.

Sorry for that now have some delicious cake.

delicious cake

Mediafire: HERE

Other links later, connection haet me tonight.

p.s. chapters ARE called sticks, bras are powerlevel limiters and more. That, however, comes later.

3 thoughts on “Shinakoi Chapter 1 Translated!

  1. Always keen to try something new, and it seems fun enough.

    I just have a bit of a problem with the contents page: vertical text is incredibly hard to read; couldn’t you have just made it all horizontal?

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