Fate/Extra for the PSP

So yeah, thanks to /fate/ (and by extension neogaf by way of this week’s famitsu), I wake up to news of a new Fate game for the PSP coming out, Fate/Extra.

Looks set for March of 2010, with Marvelous Ent. as the production company. I’m not too familiar with Image Epoch outside of Arc Rise Fantasia, so I can’t say much aside from Kazuya Niinou (EO and 7th Dragon) is producer. Nasu’s doing Original Scenario and Takeuchi Character Design Supervision though.

(ps the date’s actually pretty hard to make out, as is the producer, but i’m fairly sure of it)




Well, what can a bleeding wallet do. That being said, Rider’s new…hairstyle reminds me of a certain Knightmare Frame Pilot, Shinji looks…better for lack of a better term. As for Saber’s see-through dress and Rin’s high-heels, I don’t know what to say. Where’s mah black hole I mean- Sakura.

7 thoughts on “Fate/Extra for the PSP

  1. Whoa, what? This is totally out of nowhere…

    Shirou seems to be MIA, Saber is in player 2 colors, Lancer looks badass, Rin is IN!, and judging from the pictures are Rin and Lancer working together?? Sign me up for the preorder list!

    The art has a bit of a Persona-ish feel to it, and I have to say, Shinji does look better at least. I’m a little confused how the whole Male/Female choice thing is going to work out, since that could really influence the kind of story. Part of the fun in Fate for me was seeing what the character’s thoughts were, so I’m curious how they’re going to do this…

    Also, that Rider looks like she just stepped out of DOA or something…it kinda bugs me.

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