Together with House-Husband, Part 2, Chapter 13 – House-Husband.


Together with House-Husband, Part 2, Chapter 13 – House-Husband

Eight-thirty in the morning. Laying down as if to bury himself in the sofa, Archer devoted himself to recovering his depleted magical energy. As the time for waking the children neared, he got up from the couch. He entered the kitchen and prepared breakfast. A piece of toast, ham and eggs, and a salad. It was truly a “normal” meal.
“…Heh. Well, I suppose making this much is only natural.”

He made a bitter smile that seemed to recognize just how much of his strength he had poured into this lifestyle.

After finishing up with the preparations for breakfast and lunch that he had started at five in the morning, he awoke the children and fed them. He enjoyed watching their happy faces, which said all that needed to be about the flavor, and he recalled his first days of trying to find the correct nutritional balance and what sort of things they would like and enjoy through trial and error.

One week passed after he was summoned. Two weeks. He was dumbfounded at the uneventful state of affairs. Three weeks passed, and he concluded that something had happened. When four weeks had passed, he fell into a meaningless panic. After five weeks, he gave up. When six weeks had gone by, he passed the time for the sake of the two, having completely excepted this life.

Sensing the summoning of a Servant, the son of the overseer of the war, Kotomine Kirei, paid a visit, and was shocked at the inconceivable irregularity.
“Over fifty years have passed since the last time. Perhaps these things happen.”
Kotomine had left with a parting notice to come consult him if something occurred, a faint smile on his lips.

Then, a year passed.

The air of seasonal change in the country returned to him his heart, which had gone from that of a arid desert scenery to the devastation of the battlefield, back to the flow of a peaceful life.

He keenly felt the preciousness and sanctity of the lives of everyone he encountered.

He became detached from the incidents that sometimes occurred on a day-to-day basis. Thanks to this, they were reduced to nothing more than abstract phantoms, the way they were meant to be.

And, his two masters. More than anything, they made him recall… Just how priceless happiness was.


The kitchen knife that had been slicing a tomato cut into the chopping board.
He had lost control of his strength.
Generally, just misjudging your strength would never get a carving knife used in a “normal” fashion to cut into a chopping board. It was an abnormal method of use… not as a cooking utensil, but as a weapon.

Perhaps it was the effect of the long unused “Broken Phantasm” from the night before. His self was returning to the condition it was before he had been summoned.

Even the cooking and housework he loved and enjoyed so much… He would cast them all aside, and live only to kill and kill and kill and kill, and to save. A broken existence.

He still had just a little left now. At least until he brought an end to this struggle with his hands. Try not to worry the two, and strive to protect their hearts.

Balance the two, Archer. Then, disappear.

Calm down, inhale, breathe. He slowly relaxed the strength in his trembling right arm, and returned… To the now normal Archer, house husband.

“It’s morning, you two. Wake up!”
Preparations for breakfast finished, he called out to the two sleeping in the bedroom on the second floor. The voice that had come in return was Sakura’s.
“…Honestly. Just like always, huh.”
A wry smile came to Archer’s face, and he went up the stairs, scratching his head. After arriving at their bedroom and lightly knocking for the second time, he called through the door.
“Hey, Rin. Are you sleeping in again today? Keep being so slovenly and you’ll make Sakura lose her patience with you.”
“That’s not true at all!”
Sakura replied from inside, a bitter smile mixed in. But there was no answer from Rin.
Growing suspicious, he opened the door.
“Sakura, Rin, what’s wrong?”
“Huh? I think Nee-san is waking up.”
Sakura had finished changing and answered with her arms full of her own pajamas.
“…I see.”
She seemed to be in a foul mood. Then getting out of bed this morning was going to get rough. A suspicious smirk appearing on his broadly grinning face, Sakura saw Archer off with a bitter smile as he approached the bed.

“It’s Morning! Wakey wakey!”
When he yanked off the covers that were draped over her-


There she was. Staring at him with frightened eyes, was his master, Rin.

Together With House Husband, Part 2, Chapter 13.
There was a House Husband whose wishes came true in someone’s smiling face.

There was a monster whose wishes came true in death and geysers of blood.

Yes, either way it was his own wish. That very method.

But you cannot choose two ways. That was the conclusion the man, through the course of his life, had reached…

So he had to choose. He had to choose how he would protect someone’s happiness.

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