Together with House-Husband, Part 2, Chapter 19 (Interlude 2-2) – Endurance


Together with House-Husband, Part 2, Chapter 19 (Interlude 2-2) – Endurance

*flop flop flop*

The evening sun shone down a passage on the second floor of the house. My kitty slippers made little noises as I walked down the hall. There was warm cocoa on top of the tray in my hands. I took it to Archer-san, who was waiting in the corridor for Nee-san.

Archer-san noticed my footsteps and raised his head. Maybe it was because of the cold, or he was thinking about what was going on right now, but he had a very serious face.
“Umm… I brought cocoa.”
I placed the tray on the nearby credenza and took the cocoa in my hand. It was still hot.
“Oh, you brought that for me? Thanks.”
Maybe he suspected something about how I was taking so long to hand it over. Archer-san looked at me with a dubious expression.
“Umm…” I mumbled.
“Do I need to blow on it?”


For some reason, the door Archer-san had his back to hit him in the head.
“Uwah, are you alright?”
Archer-san smiled bitterly at me, confused and still handing over the coca, once and said “…Honestly. You two are really… Oh, I don’t need you to cool it down. Thank you, Sakura.”
He took the cocoa with a gentle smile.

I gazed at the steadily reddening sky visible from the window from Archer’s lap. The bright red setting sun which I gazed at for a while… was so pretty.

I wish I could have seen it with Nee-san.

“Hey, Archer-san.”
I bent my back and looked up into his face.
“Why is Nee-san angry?”
“…Angry, huh.”
At the question, a sad expression came into Archer-san’s eyes.
“Because of all the lectures I constantly give her. She probably couldn’t stand it anymore.
“…It’s alright. Rin’s a smart girl. If we talk it through, she’ll feel better.”
Saying so with the same sad eyes, Archer-san smiled.

He was hiding something important.

Because Archer-san was kind, he stayed silent on lots of things to not worry me. He settled things without anyone catching on, and if everyone could smile afterwards, it was fine. He was suffering all by himself.

Nee-san was too, for sure. For my sake, they didn’t talk to me.

I’m so powerless. For those two strong people… I can’t do anything.

I desperately hid my tears that were beginning to pour. I’ll hold it in. I’ll endure it.

For Archer-san, and Nee-san, for someone else, I’ll try to be strong. I’ll try to not show my tear-stained face. Because I have to do my best too.

I have to endure my tears, for someone else’s sake.

Archer-san was suspicious after I has suddenly gone silent. I did my best to make a smile like there was nothing going on. I said “Right!”, and smiled.

Together With House Husband, Part 2, Chapter 19. Interlude 2-2.

Why wouldn’t Father look at me? Did I do something bad? Would he forgive me if I apologized?

The many words the girl wished to say wounded her, and she grew only lonelier. No answer came from the back she continued to stare at in the hopes it would turn around… and before she knew it, the girl began to think “I’m not needed in this world”.

Tohsaka Sakura, who only cried. She hid her lonely feelings inside herself. She couldn’t take a single step forward. Completely alone, all in the dark.

But someone grasped her hand, and told her to follow. There was a person who brought her into the light.

Tohsaka Rin. The most important person to her in this world.

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Note: Sakura’s dialogue is rather childish when in Japanese. Hopefully it’s reflected well in English.

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