[F/HA] One Day Volume 14 Translated!

That’s the last of ’em for now. Enjoy, folks!


On a side note, after Type-Moon stops letting their IP be used over and over and over again for handheld fight sims (and quite possibly RPGs now), maybe they can realize that old april fool’s joke of theirs in the form of a Next-Gen wrestling sim!

Edit: I misspelt the finnish word for 5. “Viisi” not “Vissi”. My bad. Thanks to the guy who pointed it out. Replacement page here. Also replacement page for the fuckup in the preface.

Mediafire: HERE

Depositfiles: HERE

10 thoughts on “[F/HA] One Day Volume 14 Translated!

  1. Was this one scanned differently?

    I noticed that it’s a different style of shading (ziptone, or something; the one that uses dots to shade) and it seems weird for an artist to change shading styles 14 volumes in.

  2. >tl note: vissi is finnish for 5

    It’s “viisi”. V, two I’s, S, a third I.

    Vissi is a slang word for “certain”.

  3. Thanks so much for translating the One Day series. I’ve had the raws for ages and I stumbled upon your site this morning. Thank you. And maybe I’m blind or something but was vol 12 ever translated?

    And before I forget if you need the raw for vol 15 let me know since I have it uploaded already.

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