Together with House-Husband, Part 2, Chapter 20 (Interlude 2-3) – Pursuit

Into the Night

Together with House-Husband, Part 2, Chapter 20 (Interlude 2-3) – Pursuit

“Why… Sniff…. Say something mean, like always…! It’s not fair if you don’t say anything…!”

Nee-san yelled at Archer-san as she cried. Archer-san listened to her silently. I gazed at both of them.

Those two strong people were weak, just like me when I’m crying. It looked so painful.

Because you love the other person. Because you want to protect them, you teach them your own way, even if it might shatter. But that way is not who you are. Just watching Nee-san and Archer-san was so painful… It was heartbreaking.

I was right in front of them. Even though I knew I couldn’t stand things this way, I couldn’t do anything…

Then, I was in bed. Pretending to be asleep, I looked at Archer-san, watching Nee-san and I. Archer-san made a more painful expression than any we’d seen so far. He was so troubled… It looked like his face would split in two.

Then, for a long, long time, he kept staring at our faces. He shook his head once. And he rose out of his chair.

Archer-san’s shape disappeared. He was probably in his spirit form. I was half… No, a third his master, so I knew he was still there. He hesitated. There was a moment’s silence, as if he was bewildered as to what to do, and then

“…I’m sorry”

He murmured in a small voice. Archer-san’s presence disappeared from the room.

I sprang up. I leapt towards my heavy regrets.

What had I done? Why hadn’t I done anything? Why hadn’t I said anything?

I was slow, and only realized it then. Nee-san had said “don’t go anywhere”. Nee-san knew Archer-san was going somewhere. She had tried to stop it… And had suffered for it.

It wasn’t right. It wasn’t right at all. Archer-san was kind. So he tried his best alone. And he got hurt, all alone.

In the dark room, I kept waiting and waiting, just for Archer-san to come back. I cowered all by myself. Being alone hurt. It hurt so much. The words I wanted to say to someone just bounced around inside of me. They just hurt me.

Nee-san and Archer-san were exactly the same. They would bear things by themselves, and be in pain. They were hurting not being able to say the things they really wanted to…!

I had been saved.

“What’s wrong, Sakura?” “Sakura. What’s the matter?” All those words went round and round in my chest. I caught them all. This time, I had to do something!

“Nee-san…! Nee-san! Wake up!”
I desperately shook my older sister, sleeping next to me.

I can’t go after Archer-san. I’m stupid, and I’m not important to him. Together, we’ll…!

“Nee-san! Nee-san! Archer-san! He’s… He’s gone…!”


Nee-san leapt up at my voice. She stared at me with tired eyes.

“…Archer… Left?”
A strong light, like nothing I had ever seen before, filled her eyes. It was just like Father. Eyes that held no trace of indecision towards what they were doing.
“Let’s go.”

“We’re going together. We’ll bring back our disobedient housekeeper.”

Nee-san took my hand and leapt out of bed, turning towards the window.


The open window sucked in the night air and fully awakened us, the moonlight showering its blessing on Nee-san. It bid her welcome to the world of the night.

Es ist gros, Es ist klein…!


Nee-san’s arm glowed, and invisible power covered our bodies. Magic.

“Okay, here we go! After Archer!”


Nee-san and I leapt from the window. Nee-san held me and jumped, just like a prince.
The view flew by incredibly fast. It was the same as when Archer-san held us and jumped.

“That idiot…! Now I’m mad! If he’s doing something bad, I’ll chew him out!”

While my eyes rolled around in the fierce wind, I clung tightly onto Nee-san’s chest. There was still anxiety inside our hearts. But this way, a different… No. By jumping out into Archer-san’s world, maybe something would change.

We ran after Archer-san, and all the worries and the few hopes in our hearts.

Interlude Out.

Together With House Husband, Part 2, Chapter 20. Interlude 2-3.
The two small sisters race through the night. They embraced the warmth of the daytime they lived in and came to love in the stretch of a year.

The night had been there first. They had lived in the world of night.

The two who had known the warmth of the day were like the hesitant and troubled Bowman. They had forgotten the terror the night brings with it.

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