Together with House-Husband, Part 2, Chapter 21 – More Than Anything

Sakura and Fear

Together with House-Husband, Part 2, Chapter 21 – More Than Anything

A rural area, the dead of night.

The fallen Rin stared at a bizarre-looking figure.

A right arm like a cannon. A fantastically slim figure, as if all the flesh had been sheared off. A white face, much like a ghost’s.

That was a denizen of the world of the night. A being that did not dwell in the light of day. It was a ghost… a ghost that had only one purpose- to kill.

It was holding Sakura.


Archer picked up Rin’s body off the ground with his left hand, and with a single leap, narrowed the range to Assassin from ten meters to zero.


Assassin, taken by surprise by the bullet-like charge, confusedly tried to increase the distance, but Archer read his path of retreat and boxed him in.


Assassin drew a dagger, but Bakuya sent it flying.


Perhaps judging that he would be at a disadvantage at a close-range fight and devoting himself to retreating, Assassin took a large step back. But even that movement had been anticipated; Archer neatly pursued him.

Archer traced his movements exactly, letting not even thirty centimeters open up between them. Assassin held Sakura in his arm, impatiently. He brandished that cannon-like right arm.

Anticipating and expecting that, Archer went for the restrained Sakura, but suddenly the black cloth concealing that grotesque right arm shrouded his vision.
Cutting instinctively, Bakuya sliced the cloth to pieces. Assassin was nowhere to be found in Archer’s now clear line of sight.
However, there was no trace of hesitation in Archer now. His hardened battle experience issued commands one after another. Yes. It was obvious what he had to do.

Don’t give him a chance to take Sakura hostage!

“Trace, on!”

Archer’s magic circuit ignited. It took tenth of a second for his desired weapons take form. Such was his speed. Swiftness worthy of the gods themselves.


The sound meat being gouged, a blade tearing skin. Perfect.

He had project caltrops at random intervals onto the ground of the area. Spikes, in other words. Not only caltrops, but the forms of countless vicious looking nails. What he had materialized with magic power would harm even Heroic Spirits!


The scream came from behind, at four o’clock. Got him.

The released Bakuya tore into Assassin’s right shoulder, accompanied by an ear-splitting shriek, freeing Sakura from the arm that was carrying her. As if he had decided he would be unable to capture Sakura in this situation, Assassin cleared the sea of swords with a leap back.


Sakura slipped through Assassin’s hands, and towards the sea of blades Archer himself had projected-


Rin’s eyes had not followed absolute chaos of the events so far, but in that last moment alone, she understood.

He threw Rin outside the sea of swords. He gripped Sakura’s form. The red back dived into the sea of blades, his own body as a shield.


—-Situation: Three meters behind. Rin landed on the ground on her buttocks. She appears to have been successfully placed outside the range of the caltrops. No injuries. Approximately twenty meters ahead. The figure of Assassin, now on the ground. Escaping on foot with great intensity. And, in both raised arms. Moonlight on her back, the figure of Sakura, her eyes open. She is… uninjured…

“Honestly. I can’t say I approve of children walking around at night, Master.”

—-Personal Condition: Bodily Damage: Large ruptures in multiple internal organs. Damage Assessment To Organs: Light Damage: Lungs. Medium Damage: Liver. Medium Damage: Kidneys. Seven punctures wounds by means of caltrops. Severe hemorrhaging. Extreme damage to body.

His entire body had been pierced by caltrops designed for magical beasts. The fact that he was still alive was likely due to luck. But-


Unable to stop a torrent of blood deep in his throat, Archer’s lungs hemorrhaged.

—-Situational Assessment: Capacity for Battle: Deteriorated. Rapid withdrawal is advised.

Together With House Husband, Part 2, Chapter 21.
…He protected them.

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