Together with House-Husband, Part 2, Chapter 24 – The End


Together with House-Husband, Part 2, Chapter 24 – The End.

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“Trace, on.”

The red knight stood on the hill, covered in wounds. The parts that covered the world that had taken him as its center gave form to phenomenon as he wished. This was Unlimited Blade Works.

*Thoom Thoom Thoom!*

Countless swords hovered in the air. Just like arrows, they shot towards Assassin, one after another.


Assassin kicked off the ground and escaped backwards, but the continuously generated cage of swords pierced his calf, throwing him to the ground.

Right there. A merciless downpour of swords.

*Thoom Thoom Thoom!*

“Graaaaah, gyaaaaaah!”

*Shunk, Shunk!*

Fresh blood flew where Assassin had been run through. His helpless body had been pinned to the ground, like an insect specimen.

“Not yet.”

Archer projected five words in the air, and brought them down towards Assassin’s right arm.

*Thoom Thoom Thoom!*


The scream resounded through the forest. The grotesque arm was blown to pieces by the attack, and Assassin lost his trump card.

“Hmph… Trace, off.”

Finally, Archer traced Kanshou and Bakuya in both hands and walked up to Assassin. Each time the iron boots struck the earth, the Reality Marble that had enveloped the world lost its form. The “nonsense” the barrier had constructed receded due to the restoration of the natural order of things. The basin returned, and all the swords that had been brought forth returned to nothingness.

Then, the hill of swords vanished. All that remained was Assassin, deprived of his last resort and on the verge of death. Archer’s body was stained deep red, drenched in both the blood of his opponent and himself.

Haa… Haa…

The rough sound of Assassin’s breath echoed in the quiet forest. It was a simple matter when the secret was revealed. Archer had already seen Assassin’s “trump card”.

The Holy Grail War that had begun this time at the Fuyuki Department Store. The Bowman’s reconnaissance had begun its course from there, and after various investigations, he had at last arrived at this mountain, Assassin’s stronghold. Several days after beginning his investigation, two battles occurred on the mountain, wherein Archer observed Zabaniya twice. Even in that space, he read its nature. By acting scrupulously even while investigating hostile territory, he had also fully investigated the basin. This was the reason for his victory. He had simulated this occasion many times over, and simply diligently put it into practice.

He was a bowman, one who overlooked the battlefield and defeated the enemy. Making a careful setup, readied tactics for the purpose of victory, exploiting the situation, and choosing a location. Those were what destroyed the enemy. It was exactly because he would not strike first that he could chose the method of combat. That was the Bowman’s battle.

“Checkmate, Servant Assassin.”

Devoid of expression, Archer leveled Kanshou. A faint breath came from Assassin in response. All that leaked out from deep in his throat was a cracked wheeze. The enemy was already helpless.

There was no need for any more than this. There was no need to wound him any more than this.

He murmured so, somewhere in his heart.

But if he let him live, he would threaten someone’s life- one day.

Someone wouldn’t be saved. He found pleasure in killing. He was incapable of finding joy in the life of another. Just by existing, he would cost someone their life.

Even if it desired its own happiness. Even if it could live with a smile on its face, pursuing tomorrow. An ally of justice had to bring the sword down.

And then lives were taken. Lives that could not be saved. The wishes for the future of all the many lives he had continued to cut short.

If he understood just how sacred those emotions were… If he believed the lives he had taken to be precious…

He had to bring the sword down. He had to kill. He had to go through with his ideal.


What hypocrisy. It made him sick. That’s all I’m doing in the end. I’m a murderer who borrowed the name of an ideal. There are things I’ve abandoned in order to claim victory. There are things I’ve hurt in order to protect. There’s no salvation no matter how far I go. It’s a ghost of an idea.

“So that’s why. That’s why I wanted you to die. That’s the reason I’m here.”

The agony had already repeated countless times. He had exhausted all his answers. That was the end at which he had arrived.

But why. Why was he worried about that now? Why? Why didn’t he quickly take that life with the sword he had leveled?

What came to him was Rin’s crying eyes.

“You’re nice… What about it…? You can’t stand someone crying, you think about the other person even when you’re angry… Y-, you say that since life is precious, we have to treasure it, and you’ve taught us so much with the way you act…!”


Those words. Just how happy had he been? Those feelings. Just how… had he been?


He shook his head to deny the warm feelings that had risen to the surface. He raised the sword over head to suppress those unforgivable emotions. Don’t waver.

And then Kanshou rushed down, reflecting the moonlight, towards Assassin’s chest-


At that moment, he heard the sound of grass scraping from the top of the hollow.

He turned his face, and looked up, his eyes just like machines.

A tiny shriek went up. They fell backwards.

Two precious young girls were there.

Together With House Husband, Part 2, Chapter 24.

Kill people to save them. Just existing means continuing to kill; he had been reduced to such a pathetic existence. He wished that it could all just turn to ash.

It was hopeless. He knew well the value of what he had lost, and what was taken.

And so… for that… I can’t forgive myself.

However. That ghost of an idea. That damned existence. A precious someone had accepted those things with a smile full of warmth.

“Don’t go anywhere…”, they said. A small hand restrained him.

What has she discovered in that frightening sword, stained with blood? That, the Knight of the Bow did not know.

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