Together with House-Husband, Part 2, Chapter 25 – EMIYA


Together with House-Husband, Part 2, Chapter 25 – EMIYA


Time stopped. The air froze.

“…Rin… Saku…ra?”


Spurred on by the figures that had screamed, Archer looked up, at the top of the basin. What he had sworn not to hurt, the hearts he wanted to protect, the two whom he wanted to smile happily…

The two young children, who had reminded him of what was important…

Gazed down upon him, their eyes trembling in fear.



With a start, their shoulders trembled. Their eyes spoke… even without uttering a single word.

Who was this terrifying person in front of us?


He stepped forward and stretched out his hand.

Ah… am I… reaching out with these feelings again?

Every time Archer drew closer, they trembled more. The fear in their eyes grew even stronger.

What he had wanted to protect was breaking. Always always always always. It was always that, always the hand that should protect that would destroy. Even though he had sworn that this time he would hold fast to the very end.

I can’t protect it again?

Trying to deny those feelings, Archer took another step forward.

“No, nooooo!”

Rin made a startled scream at Archer’s movements. She took Sakura’s hand and ran off as fast as she could. Trying to protect the person important to her, she followed the footprints of fallen blood, tracing her way back home.

“Ah, Nee-san!”

Even while she was being pulled along by the hand, Sakura turned to look towards Archer, left behind.

But the hand grasped tightly by her older sister would not allow that, and she was forced into a run. While the two sisters disappeared into the distance, Archer let the hand he held out fall to his side.

…And then Emiya was, as always, all alone.

“…Hah. Ha ha ha ha ha ha… ha.”

Yes. Why hadn’t he noticed such an obvious thing? His hands were drenched in so much blood… they could never protect a child’s heart.

Why had he embraced that delusion?

He was a fool who had repeated that same delusion over and over. By now it should be clear…

You can’t save anyone. How could a murderer make someone smile? The final destination of his broken dream was that very dream… crushed underfoot and drowned.

That was all.

Archer made an arid smile, and looked behind him. Assassin was already gone. He had essentially let him get escape. Archer’s inner magical power was becoming exhausted; it would be impossible to pursue Assassin as he hid his presence in cloaking form.

Dragging his ravaged body, he climbed to the top of the hollow.

“You can’t get out.”

The powerful fixation clouded Archer’s intent. It was the barrier that had been constructed at the basin.


“Shut up!”

Archer let out a thunderous roar to resist the technique. There were things to do, thing he had to do. He mustered up his staggering body, and chased after the terrified and fleeing children, seemingly unnoticed.

The war would continue, and he would protect them. He had to.

Even if they hated or detested him. They were good girls. Kind children, who would pray for the happiness of tomorrow. One day, those hearts would make another person happy again. They would be able to smile happily.

That’s why I’ll protect them.

I’ll protect them until the very end.

That is a task I can accomplish. I can’t make anyone happy with these hands. All I can be is a monster.

You’ve returned, Archer…

No… You’ve returned, Emiya.

Wield the sword, slay thine enemies. Protect someone’s happiness. One sword would-

Together With House Husband, Part 2, Chapter 25.

At the end of innumerable questions, he had found an answer for himself.
Emiya killed people. He had done that and only that, over and over, for his entire life.
And so, with a dream he had tried to make thus, and the way of life he had embraced…

He could never save someone.

Even if the origin he bore was the same, the form he had arrived at was different. Thus he wagered on the possibility that he could destroy himself.

But, in those warm, ordinary days of living by protecting others, the value, the pricelessness of protecting something, the warmth of protecting what he could… He recalled the significance of it all.

That’s why he hesitated. That’s why he suffered. He recognized every last one of his contradictions. He knew of the ugliness deep within those actions. He could not approve of them.

In truth, he was already…

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