NEEDLESS Vol. 2 Chapter 11 Translated!

I’d do lancer-ko. Not a crossdressing lancer though.


How is this related to NEEDLESS? I have no idea, honestly.

Also, this is somewhat of a 5k hits present to a fellow hostee Kevo. Enjoy bro.

Mediafire: HERE
Hotfile: HERE

8 thoughts on “NEEDLESS Vol. 2 Chapter 11 Translated!

  1. I was curious if there was anything I could help with. I’m very interested in seeing a speedy release but I’d rather not bombard you with begging as I know you must have other things to do as well. I’m not experienced but have a few skills though I don’t know what might be useful.
    Email me a response please as I’m much worse at hunting down posts.

    • yeah thanks for that. hotfile suddenly decided it didn’t like me so :/

      I’ll reupload them somewhere else when I have the time. IIRC the mediafire links still work.

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