Together with House-Husband, Part 2, Chapter 29 (Interlude 3-4) – Two Hands: Beginnings.


Together with House-Husband, Part 2, Chapter 29 (Story 3-4) – Two Hands: Beginnings.

Just how much time passed after that? When I came to, the room was dark. It was already the middle of the night.

“N-, Nee-san?”

In that dark room, from the direction of the round table by the window side, I could hear Sakura’s voice. I replied in a small voice, lying face down.

“I think green peppers taste good now… Did you know that?

I raised the upper half of my body and turned to face her. There, with a somehow proud-looking face, Sakura… Was smiling.

“If you cut them up into pieces and stir-fry them really well, most of the bitterness goes away. I heard they go in all kinds of different types of stir-fry.”
“…Wow. Eh? Then… Why are peppers on my plate bitter?”
“Hee hee… Archer-san might have been simply being mean to you.”
“Wha… Wait, you’re in the kitchen too, aren’t you, Sakura?”
“But I asked Archer-san to let my do if myself.”
“Eh, huuuuuh!? D-, Do mine too!”
“He said ‘Leave Rin alone until she notices. When it comes to trying to change the status quo, the result should come swooping down on her’. Eh heh heh, he was praising you, you know?”

After she said that, I stuck my tongue out mischievously at Sakura. You’re nasty every now and then, Sakura. I wonder if you resent me a little.

“…You know, Nee-san.”
“What!? Boo, boo!”
“I wonder how much we don’t know about the other person… I wonder how many of the words in their heart we don’t understand…”
Sakura made a lonely looking face. Sakura…?

“Earlier… Father held my hand.”
“Ah… Yeah, he did, now that you mention it.”
“Nee-san, I…”

“It was the first time… He’s ever held my hand.”

“It was warm, and his hand was big. It was a little rugged… and it felt wonderful.

Sakura… Held her tiny left hand to her chest, as though she was clutching something precious.

“I always do nothing but cry, and I’m a bad kid… So I never thought…. Father would hold my hand, or pat my head, or even talk to me.”
“…Wha-…! That’s not true at…!”
“But… Father’s hand earlier, made me wonder where those feelings of mine had gone… It was so kind, and they held me so gently… So I was happy, and I tried to hold on to him strongly. I… I…!”

Sakura’s eyes brimmed with tears. Large drops fell, as if the feelings she had saved up and hadn’t communicated thus far were all appearing on her face.

“F-, Father… hugged me too. He… He… hugged me back. I was so happy, and I hugged him over, and over… and he held me too…”

She tightly pressed the palm of her hand against her chest, as if it might prevent the remaining warmth from disappearing.

“I, I… was so happy… I don’t care… about why he didn’t talk to me… and ignored… me…!”
“Sa-… Sakura…”
“There were so many things… I wanted to say…! S-, so many things… I want to ask…! I really wanted to talk with Father, so much… so, so… Nee-san, I…”

Ah… I… Forced Sakura… To come with me.

“S-, Sakura… I’m sorry… I…”
“N-, no, you’re wrong…! Th-, that’s not… it.”

Sakura hastily shook her head and raised her downcast eyes to set them on me.

Those tear filled eyes, which had always relied on others and did nothing but cry, shone… they shone with a firm, strong faith in something.

Together With House Husband, Part 2, Chapter 29. Interlude 3-4.
There are things that won’t come true no matter how much you want them, no matter how much you believe in them. But, did all of those feelings… really reach the other?

One’s feelings and desires. Did they reach the person you wanted them to reach?

Relief that will soon come. Whether its granted or not, salvation for the heart is something that will not come about as just a result. As long as there are lights of hope on the path people continue to walk downwards, they can walk anywhere.

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  1. Aw screw it, I totally bawwed.
    I have to wonder sometimes what Sakura went through before she was taken away. What she thought. The world of magi is most certainly a cruel one. I’m liking the characterization St. Parasu is giving her.

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