Together with House-Husband, Part 2, Chapter 30 (Interlude 3-5) – Two Hands: Endings.

And Yet

Together with House-Husband, Part 2, Chapter 30 (Interlude 3-5) – Two Hands: Endings.

The eyes of my younger sister before me gazed at me strongly. She stared at me with eyes full of faith.

“Nee-san, I… I knew! It wouldn’t get through, it wouldn’t reach… I just cried, so my feelings wouldn’t reach someone else! There were things that would come back… when he held my hand…! That I was a hated, and worthless child… The wall I had been building… That was all it was, but… I couldn’t do that, so… I was all alone, and it hurt…”


“But, the reason I could think that was… because… because you always, always held my hand, Nee-san! I was always clutching my knees and crying by myself, but… You took my hand, and made me stand up…”

“You would tell me… ‘Don’t be scared, it’s fine!’… and… ‘Don’t let those things get you down, Sakura, you’re not alone!’… You told me all those things…!”


I had believed. Father, and Sakura too. I had believed everyone could be happy. That was why I hadn’t let go of Sakura’s hand. We tried to walk forward. Because someday we’d be able to reconcile.

No one attempts to reach an ending filled with unhappiness. They want to smile. They want to see others smile. I had prayed for the world around me to be full of smiling faces. I had wished to be happy.

I could walk, I could go forward, I could go the distance.

“Sniff… So, Nee-san… W-, with Archer-san…”
“Ah… Sniff… What…?”
“Sakura… You’re amazing.”

Sakura’s small hand, the hand that had only been able to wipe away the overflowing tears in her room that day, had cleaned, cooked, and lived a life with everyone. But above all that, that hand had become able to save someone. She knew the terror of being alone better than anyone. That’s why being together with the person who was precious to you…. was something she kept wishing for.

That would be considered weak. But in truth, it was something strong. Believing and relying on someone was something she could do exactly be she felt it with all her heart. Sakura’s hands wouldn’t lose someone important to her.

Then, what could I, who could only go forward, do? If I stopped I couldn’t go anywhere; I could only keep going forward. What could I do?

What could these two hands do?

Yes… It’s obvious, isn’t it?

These two hands could fight. They would never run away. They would simply push on.

These two hands would shake off any sad feelings- That was their power.

If there was an obstacle, I just had to plough through it, right?

“…Yeah… Alright!”


I clapped my face with both hands and brushed away my foolish hesitation. Not like me? Of course. I was always walking further and further ahead with what I learned. Doing nothing but going forward was how I fought. The answer may only lie in the future, then. My worries may lie ahead.

My happy end was to come!

Then I’ll break right through my problems. Aware of my worries and regrets, I just had to plunge forward!

“N-, Nee-san?”

Sakura’s tears ceased, surprised at my sudden odd behavior.

“I’ve never been worried. I don’t know what my dream is. That’s why I just move forwards. Dreams, hopes, the future… The person that I love… I’ll get them all back, and have a happy ending! That’s who I am… Sakura. That’s who Tohsaka Rin is!”


Her eyes clouded with tears, Sakura’s whole face transformed into a smile.


I had one thing to do. Make up… with Archer!

Tohsaka Rin’s Holy Grail War starts from there on out!

Interlude Out.

Together With House Husband, Part 2, Chapter 30. Interlude 3-5.
Indecision and answers always lie within yourself. If you examine yourself, there they’ll be. You can feel that you love yourself.

Whether you notice later, or not.

Can the sisters, who pray for the future more than anyone else, rescue the knight who despairs for the past?

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