Together with House-Husband, Part 2, Chapter 32 – The King of Blades.

Together with House-Husband, Part 2, Chapter 32 – The King of Blades.

Midnight. A solitary shadow dashed through the mountain of buildings. Archer.

Having left the Tohsaka residence, Archer had thoroughly searched the mountain range Servant Assassin had made his hideout.

But the many traps were already destroyed, and all Archer could accomplish was confirm that Master and Servant were no longer there. Perhaps they had gone on the defense with their secret weapon lost. If a Servant can’t fight at a sufficient level, even the Master couldn’t very well force them to do the impossible.

There were two reasons a magician had to retain their Servant for the duration of the Holy Grail War.

First was to procure the chalice that was one of the condition for final victory in the holy grail war. The Fuyuki Holy Grail was a ceremony that condensed the chalice, itself in spiritual form, into a “husk” called the Holy Grail. Only spiritual bodies could touch something in spiritual form. Servants were thus, consequently necessary.

Second was for the Master’s own self-defense. The seven mages each possessed a servant with power beyond the reckoning of man. To protect themselves from those others until the very end was exactly why they needed a Servant’s power.

This was why a Master had to be especially sure to protect their Servant as well. If the Master was burdened with a weakened Assassin with no particular ability to regenerate, he could not readily battle another Servant. Consequently, it was likely they had simply hidden themselves in a place they would not be found.

With no trail, continuing to pursue only them was far too unproductive. At the very least, there were four other people’s Servant to confront. Tabling his search for the moment, Archer turned to ensuring his own attack and reconnaissance points. Right ahead, in front of the large bridge, there stood a soaring white tower- Fuyuki’s Port Side Building.

Fuyuki’s big bridge. The giant arch suspended above the Mion River was a wire connecting two cities- the only method of migration. There was a ferry, but after the bridge was completed the demand for it decreased, and now it existed as a pleasure cruise for touring the river. And so, seizing this point would be a boon for capturing and attacking enemies in the Holy Grail War.

The bridge was the in the highest class of tall objects within Fuyuki. The highest point of the arch was over fifty meters from the water’s surface, and points in Fuyuki that could successfully target and strike the point were limited to a select few. There was one in Miyama, and two more in Shinto. Of those, Archer had selected Miyama, a corner of an expansive industrial area in front of the park- the Fuyuki Port Side Building.

After several years,  the modernization of Fuyuki continued with station buildings that had been marked for reconstruction. There were several renovations of business buildings and the start of construction. The Fuyuki Bridge itself was also an aspect of the city’s redevelopment. Considering it would be a waste not to take advantage of the scenery in the area, the construction of multiple recreational facilities and corporate offices was undertaken. The Fuyuki Port Side Buildings were fifteen stories and fifty-two meters, boasting the greatest height of all the business facilities constructed in Miyama.

On top of gaining a sufficient angle to aim at the bridge’s footpath and main road, firing on the arch from a level, nearby height was possible. The distance from the bridge was eight hundred meters, a passable range. Gaining the attack opportunity was exactly why the tallest location had been chosen.

From the building, to the roof, to the sky engulfed in darkness as the sun fell, Archer leapt. He raced towards what would soon be his hunting grounds.

But, his feet, rushing towards his destination, abruptly stopped on the roof of the building before it. He opened his eyes in shock.

In the bloom of moonlight, the Port Side Building cast an enormous silhouette. Among the steel frames of the buildings under construction standing in rows like grave tablets, a single completed four corner shadow looked like a gravestone. There, Archer saw the figure of what he had lost.

It was nothing more than an apparition, a broken dream.

All Heroic Spirits ended their lives unnaturally, or in despair. There was not one that had no lingering regrets when at death’s door. Thus, after death, even after being transformed into pure might, people’s thoughts and intents remained in the form of humanity. That was a Heroic Spirit. A proxy spirit possessing thought.


They were Servants, spirits. To grant their own wishes and desires, they were captivated by the object know as the Holy Grail, and came to be.

….Ah, in that case. I suppose it was inevitable to meet her here.

On top of the steel tower of the Port Side Building, her hair swaying in the wind, was a beautiful silver knight.

The King of Knights

A figure far more transcendent and composed than anyone else.

Eyes that hid unwavering purpose stared at the Bowman, frozen in his tracks.

“…Well met, Servant.”

A cold voice greeted him. Nostalgia, longing, affection… many feelings sprang forth. Among the many things inside of him, something shook.

“Any further is death. Even so, for your desired wish, you would pierce that body with steel. Are you prepared to proceed?”


Unconsciously, he smiled. Always honest, always the same- that was who she was.

You’re a fool, Saber. This is a battlefield, and we are Servants. It’s obvious what we’re going to do.

“I’m truly sorry about this, Servant Saber. We’re swords. At the most, we’re faithful attendants. Stepping into death for the sake of my master is only natural, no?”

Upon hearing his answer, Saber smiled slightly. Then, with the shape of her mouth bending in a look of self derision, she spoke.

“Then words are unnecessary for us. Come, Servant. I will cut down those hopes and dreams, and advance.”

Invisible Air took flight. A blade of dual properties had been prepared.

Wagering on desires they could not surrender, their individual purposes separated by the chasm between the buildings-


-alongside the ringing of steel, clashed in midair!

Together With House Husband, Part 2, Chapter 32.
The day of fate. You pierced this heart more vividly than anyone else, and then you were taken away.

I could never forget. Even if I were to fall to the very depths of Hell.

A star that shined with a brilliance greater than anything else.

That star was your figure, Saber.

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