Together with House-Husband, Part 2, Chapter 33 – Overwhelming Enemy.


Together with House-Husband, Part 2, Chapter 33 – Overwhelming Enemy.

*Whoosh…Shing! Bam!!*

The repelled blades exchanged blows, and sparks scattered. The first attack had been but a mere crossing.

Archer and Saber, both Servants possessing inhuman strength, but neither adept at battling in the air. Both “landed” on the sides of opposing buildings, and each kicking off the wall aiming for the ground, their own field. If they reached the earth at their current speed of flight, death on impact would be unavoidable. Their bodies, accelerated by gravity and the propulsion of their own kick, would be pieces of meat in a few more seconds. But-

*Bam… Crack!*

Kicking off the wall twenty-five meters up, both utilized the acceleration and clashed once again in the air. Their slashes used up the entirety of their kinetic energy, and along with a force of impact of some ten tons, magical energy released to preserve their bodies’ constitutions quickly became an electric charge and scorched the air.


A gaze as they traded attacks. Bodies crossed and separated.

Both returned to the surface of the walls, giving each other a pause of only several seconds. Even that did not go to waste, and each unleashed their next move.

The Swordswoman used the rebound of his landing and charged, projecting daggers and unleashing them upon his target.

*Swish, Swish… Shing, Crack!*

The pair of fired swords were struck down by Saber with lightning speed, and in a flash, they fell. However, Archer was no amateur either. The projection itself nothing more than a distraction to break away from the wall, he escaped to the ground.

*Thump… Sssh*


On the ground, Archer turned his consciousness towards his visual perception and scouted for his next course of action.

Asphalt, manholes, alleyways, a couple disappearing down the street, the main street, various people, cars, traffic lights, T-shaped street lights, fluttering cloth, an area with large buildings.

Behind all that was the main street continuing to the bridge. There was a large amount of foot traffic. It would be impossible to enter it and resume the battle. On top of being overly conspicuous, there would be victims.

His chances of victory fighting Saber here were slim. Then, should he prepare to retreat? Considering her nature, she would probably not choose to force him to continue the battle, but-…

He thought for a moment, but Servant Saber would not allow him even that short respite. Right through the blast from crashing into the opposite wall, a relaxed Saber kicked off the wall, and flew towards Archer in a straight line!



Crushed by Saber’s attack, asphalt flew into the air. Archer avoided it with a leap to the side, nimbly jumping toward the T-shaped street light standing on the sidewalk, and with one revolution right around the iron bar, sprang high into the air. In his hand materialized a readied bow-

“Trace, on!”

Aiming lasted an instant. The multiple blurs of carbonized tungsten arrows fired, their aim true. They soared towards Saber, rigid from landing on the ground. However.


In the moment the arrows had tried to capture Saber, a blowing formation of wind seized the entirety of arrows, as though it possessed a mass of its own, leaving them to fall, scattered, on the ground. It was a barrier. A magical wind that possessed a will of it’s own.


The wind swirling in from the alley swallowed up passers-by on the main street, gathering attention as to what it was. But Saber’s form was already gone-


In one bound, she was right before Archer.

Collecting the magical energy inside her body in her legs, a propulsive force born out of an explosion shot Saber’s body forward with the force of a bullet. It was precisely because Saber’s entire body was a reactor of magical power that she was capable of this superhuman feat. It was not technique, but application of strength.

A sweeping, scythe-like blow from Saber’s height. A blow from her sword at the speed she was flying towards him would slice Archer’s body in two.


He couldn’t afford to be concerned about appearances. In an instant, the projection he could place his utmost faith in, Bakuya, was assembled and set to a “length” to oppose a sword swing.


A flash of silver light. Steel danced and scattered. The steel sword Bakuya returned to illusion from where it had been struck. However, the impact of the blow sent Archer flying towards the side, his body saved from being bisected in two.

*Bam, Thwack!*

He landed on the roof of a transport truck.


The process of arriving there had taken eight seconds. Archer had somehow managed to survive, but his right hand was almost void of sensation.

In his efforts to defend against the earlier blow, it appeared his muscle fibers had been torn. Several of his fingers were broken, and without medical treatment he could barely even hold a sword squarely. Intense pain further tortured his body; wounds from the earlier battle with Assassin opened up.

Opened wounds and his injured right hand. If he fought with Saber head on, it would be a lethal injury.

“…I guess I can’t complain.”

Mobilizing his remaining magical strength, he projected Kanshou.

Physical preservation, activation of magical energy, defense reinforcement, and all other uses of magical power for battle- Even considering all of those, the last he could use in this battle was projection. A weapon that was his last lifeline- the only thing in which he placed all his faith.


From behind, on the roof of the truck he had retreated to. A slender figure stood in silver armor. Neither wounded nor exhausted, the beautiful eyes simply capture him. That gaze was so terrifying, somehow!

“Heh, heh heh heh-“

She had defended against the arrows without looking, by intuition. Bodily ability that towered above the rest. Overwhelming attack ability. A Noble Phantasm that excelled at both attack and defense. The players were different. This would mean his defeat.

*Clunk Clunk*

He raised his field of vision. Cars climbed the great bridge and appeared to ascend into the overhead structure. If he kept going, he would reach the Fuyuki bridge. The salty air told that the ocean was near.

“…Looks like I don’t have a choice.”

Accompanied by the Wind of Death itself, the King of Blades drew near from behind. Placing his faith in the feeling of his beloved sword in his hand, Archer rose to battle the advancing reaper.

Together With House Husband, Part 2, Chapter 33.

The Bowman vs. The Swordswoman.

Against one who wields the mightiest sword technique amongst the seven Servants, Archer, a bowman who nevertheless took up the sword, has no hope. A battle in which he shoulders his unhealable wounds and dwindled supply of magical energy is one he has no chance of finding victory in.

Archer, who took up the sword resolved to death, wagers on a single ray of hope, and aims towards Fuyuki’s great bridge.

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