NEEDLESS Chapter 14 Translated!

Volume 2 is done! Translator went for thanksgiving so I’m going to go finish up some Type Moon stuff now.

Volume 3 in a bit. Look forward to it!


p.s. what Touko says is very true, they never make those pop-a-point pencils anymore. Used to love them back in the day.

Mediafire: HERE
Hotfile: HERE

16 thoughts on “NEEDLESS Chapter 14 Translated!

  1. I miss those pop-a-point pencil, now that I think about it.
    I used to draw with them alot back then.

    Also, awesome work on Needless.

  2. I’m pretty sure they still make them.

    It’s just that they fell from popularity the moment mechanical pencils became mainstream.

  3. I’m happy as fuck this is being translated. Can’t wait till you start Volume 3, I hope once started the chapters come out just as fast as the last few you did. I have no idea why this wasn’t translated before, especially since the anime’s almost over now.

  4. Hey, now that the Needless anime had a disappointing Gecko ending, people are gonna beg you more to work on Needless.

    We’re literally begging you. Please, I need my fix!

  5. Please keep on translating! You’re the only ones doing this now (it’s been dropped by one group and the other one is inactive), and now that the anime has ended, more people are going to look for the manga!

  6. You’re literally the only ones subbing Needless now (one group is inactive, and the other one dropped it).

    Now that the anime has finished (with a very unsatisfying ending) people are going to turn to the manga.

    Please don’t stop translating them!

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