Comiket 77, Checklist Edition.

C77 catalogue showed up today. Usual place(s). You know where to go, if not, try the yellow brick road or a blue pill.


So yeah, did the same thing last year, doing the same thing this year. This year, however, I’m going to actually BE there.

TL note: The picture says: “saa, sorosoro fuyucomi no jikan da” or “soon… it shall be time for winter comiket”.

So yeah (All circles set for the 31st):

1. Askray- East A20b

Futabu. ’nuff said.


2. Rubicon Hearts – West あ 52a

A must hit. This is Kobayashi Jin (School Rumble, who cares) and Takeuchi Takashi (Type Moon cofounder) bringing us a joint doujin production entitled “kyoto, haru” or “spring in kyoto”.


3. Crazy Clover Club – West あ68b

TMC, enough said. They should have TMCX06 out. That being said they never update their site much.


4. WNB Mark – West あ67b

I’m working on a doujin of theirs that has size rivalling a manga volume. And it is delicious.


5. 貧乏長屋- East マ 43b

Always liked his stuff, not gonna change anytime soon.


6. Ronpaia – West あ72b



7. Bakutendo – West れ45a

Fate/Zero anthology contributor. Loved that volume.


8. Himura Kiseki – West あ68a





9. SoraIro March – East テ36b

I really liked their Vesperia stuff.


10. Shimoyakedou – East A68a

Touhou. Meh. Delicious though.


EDIT: 11. Sayori Neko Works. East A46b (30th).



Edit: Incase anyone asks, like Zyl. To run the CM77 browser:

On XP: Get applocale HERE.

On Vista: Change formats and language for non-unicode programs to Japanese.


1. Get applocale

2. Deactivate UAC or run an elevated command prompt with these commands:

cd [path to installer folder]

type in apploc.msi


After that:

Set system locale to anything but japanese to avoid confusion.

Set applocale to run in XP compat mode.

Run CM77 browser with applocale.

12 thoughts on “Comiket 77, Checklist Edition.

  1. Nice list. The Rubicon Hearts line is going to be crazy, so don’t get trampled. Also, apparently Ronpaia did his first adult comic for a Rider-only event, but he didn’t apply to sell age-restricted stuff for Comiket, so it won’t be on sale again until the Sunshine Creation festival in February. But I am intrigued at the idea of Ronpaia trying the genre out.

    • XP -> try applocale.

      Vista -> language settings japanese, display currencies, numbers, etc in Japanese.

      Aside from that I have no idea, mount and it should install like anything else. Though it was made for Japanese computers, so you basically have to simulate that environment on your current workstation.

    • Remove any Japanese characters from the file name if you’re having trouble.
      Should be able to mount it with most image mounting applications. Daemon-tools etc.
      You can also google software to convert cdi to iso…
      I had to use CDiRip0.6.2 on OSX to do this after removing any Japanese characters.
      Once you get the disc correctly mounted, see Xephfyre’s post for running the actual app.

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