Oh look it’s the FSN 2010 Reproduction OP.

At least the Avalon Summoning scene looks better. Once again thanks to anons of /fate/.

Well, it’s a bit late, but I want to keep a little faith DEEN can pull off something good. Perhaps UBW’ll be good if it has a movie budget!

p.s. I saw this at C77, plus a few other trailers from Rondo Robe, so this is nothing new. Ending, however, is. (p.s. nico nico, need account, etc)

9 thoughts on “Oh look it’s the FSN 2010 Reproduction OP.

      • I understand your reaction towards sankaku complex, but for someone that cannot read japanese, that is the most expedient way to get access to the videos.

        Of course, I wanted to try how hard it was to get a niconico account and I succeeded. *sigh*

  1. :O nice
    hopefully if it does get released the bits and pieces not mentioned in the first anime would be implemented 😀

    and since TV anime’s gonna be Fate, I wonder if Heavens Feel would be another movie?

    cross your fingers XD

  2. I do think they got the mood of the “OP”(?) right this time: the VN version gave off slightly mournful feel but the TV anime version kind of tended to a more generic action style.

    (NB: Since I can’t actually understand the lyrics here, I have to go by the tone, so what I said may not actually make a whole lot of sense.)

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