NEEDLESS Chapter 19!

After fucking forever. I sincerely apologize to all those who’ve been waiting on this chapter (and for the many other things that have, or are yet to come).


So basically, I’ve had a fucking horrible month, busy left and right, and to all who read this blog in hearing email replies, I can only offer my sincerest apologies.

To answer a few questions:

1: No, I will not (in the future) scan [insert manga here] if my translator says fucking no or it is currently being scanned, etc. If it’s licensed, that’s another matter. Viz media can go eat a dick.

2. [Insert manga here] will usually come out on a weekly basis now, since the school term’s all done and stuff. With possibly the exception of Shinakoi and a few others that I honestly don’t see any point in doing at the moment.

3. NEEDLESS, Acchi Kocchi, HH (House Husband) and assorted Type-Moon doujinshi in my backlog are my current priority.

4. Sorry for the lack of house husband. That will be fixed shortly. I assure any fan of the series that much, at least.

Lastly, I would like to sincerely apologize for lack of activity and my inability to reply to any mails. Sometimes I just can’t be fucked of the sort, and for that I have no excuse.

So, with that, please enjoy!

Mediafire: HERE

Depositfiles: HERE

Edit: Wait. Fixing links.

…and fixed!

3 thoughts on “NEEDLESS Chapter 19!

  1. Thank you for still getting the releases out to us Japanese illiterates, despite being so busy. 🙂 I for one really appreciate it.

    Looking forward to more releases!

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