Together with House-Husband, Part 2, Chapter 40 – The Answer (Beginning)

Together with House-Husband, Part 2, Chapter 40 – The Answer (Beginning)

“What’s wrong, Mister?”

Noticing the look of tormented anguish on Archer’s face, the boy stopped his work and spoke. Tortured by an irritation he couldn’t understand, Archer glared at the boy. But the young face before his eyes did not even begin to change its worried expression.

“…Save someone. Help another. Boy. Those feelings of yours, that urge… Will hurt you one day.”

“…Huh? Why?”

“There’s no end. If you endlessly seek smiling faces, it won’t stop at just that. When people are suffering, the cause amounts to an obstacle. Removing that obstacle means helping someone, or saving them. If one person is making another suffer, you have to punish them. If that person is hurt, someone else cries for them. It’s that, over and over again.

“…Why’s that? Why can’t they be friends? Why do they have to fight?”

“…Two people will have different views. Even if two people could take each others hands, what about ten? A hundred? So many opinions, so many feelings, so much happiness that should be protected… Those feelings won’t be resolved just by holding hands with each other.”

Perhaps it was little difficult to understand. The boy looked downward like he was brooding for a moment and let out a tiny groan. Maybe he was thinking of something.

“If you lend your strength to one person, you incur another’s wrath. And then the accumulated resentment, the bitterness, the grudges of those who couldn’t be saved… Everything you do will come back to you. The weight of your sins will always, always continue to tear at you. Are you fine with a life of suffering like that?”

The boy frowned. After making a troubled expression like he was pondering something, he glanced at Archer. The radiance in his eyes gradually brightened, and then he gave one confident nod and answered…



“…Why? You just don’t understand. The people you love, and those who care about you, even people who might have been your friends, will become your enemies. People you wanted to protect will cast stones at you, and people you trusted will stab you in the back. Even then, you’ll keep believing in others like a fool, and keep going for the sake of others…!”

…I don’t know.

“…You idiot…! Saving by killing, helping by hurting others! Who could find happiness in that kind of hypocrisy!? Who would be glad about that!? It’s an empty dream where you can’t seek your own happiness. A borrowed ideal. You can’t… You can’t… You can’t save someone with something like that!”

My voice is trembling-

“Turning a blind eye to your own suffering, and pressing on in ignorance… you’ll end up in hell in the end! What you reach at the end of it all is just eliminating everyone who can’t be saved…! No matter where you go, you can’t save anyone, and even after you die, you’ll be hurt, and hurt others… you’ll curse your own existence! How… how could a life like that… Be worth living…!?”

I’m crying…

The boy’s eyes opened in surprise at his shout.

Who was it addressed to? Which fool was he speaking to?

The boy had not gone through the incident. He had not met Emiya Kiritsugu. He was different. The words had no meaning for him. They just passed by him.

Then, who were they for? Who were these words questioning?


The boy gently placed his small hand on Archer’s wounded right arm. A pale white hand, still free of injuries. But, it was warm.

“…Yeah. I can’t complain at all… Because you’re here, Mister. Because… I want to be like you, Mister.”


Together With House Husband, Part 2, Chapter 40. Answer: Beginning.

The dream that he pledged always to carry in his heart. Never lapsing for a moment, the dream was always there. That wish, those feelings. They always endured.

He left something important behind.

The man could no longer understand. Why did he run? What was the meaning of it all?


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