Fate/School Life, Chapter 4 Translated!

I’m not Khrushchev, I’m Stalin!

Mediafire: HERE

Depositfiles: HERE

p.s. I finished Modern Warfare 2 over the weekend. It always astounds me how a sergeant asks a private to do everything.

Also I got crushed by a helicopter while crossing the street. Yep.

Edit: Made some errors I’m not proud of. Here are v2’s.

Mediafire: HERE

Depositfiles: HERE

2 thoughts on “Fate/School Life, Chapter 4 Translated!

  1. Cute comic. I got to learn about some new sports today! Oh, Issei and Yukika. You two make my day every day.

    About MW2, did you end up liking it? How did you feel about it vs the first MW?

  2. I’m relieved that someone reads this. I was beginning to think I’d been looking up obscure Japanese baseball comics for nothing.

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