Together with House-Husband, Part 2, Chapter 48 – Desperation

Together with House-Husband, Part 2, Chapter 48 – Desperation


He planned. It was four… no, two… steps until Saber’s blade reached him.

The moment he realized that, Archer kicked off the ground. The strengthening magic he had performed earlier was still in effect. With superhuman jumping strength, Archer would leap to the opposite side of Saber in one bound and retreat to the half-open door.


Two steps. That was certainly correct. Though that was with the exception of Saber charging up to the door on his side.


Bakuya was unusable, his right arm busy with transporting Kiritsugu’s arm at the moment. Then the command-


He felt the pressure as Saber neared. As Archer was constantly standing in front of a wall and fighting, thoughts of using the command seal to stop the enemy were not allowed for even a few seconds.


Invisible Air was brought to bear. Saber’s aim was what was held in Archer’s right hand- Kiritsugu’s arm… and the command seals.

*Swoosh! Shnnk!*


Sparks flew, and the second joint of Archer’s hand now held a shallow cut. If he continued to rush forward like this, his body would be bisected


Throwing Kiritsugu’s arm in front of Saber, Archer leapt back. Seizing the arm in an instant, Saber lost the timing of her charge and stopped. Escaping through the still half opened door, Archer retreated to the fifth floor deck.

“Kiritsugu-! This means… You need to hurry… Your arm…! And… Just what is this ship…?”

“…I know… It’s off… -ber, What happened?”

“It’s done. A king will eventually… But, there’s no time… Kiritsugu… Treat… Wound. I’ll defeat… Archer.”

Archer could hear faint conversation from inside the ship. It appeared that Saber had decided to pursue him.

Damn. What do I do now…?

Nimbly hiding himself in the shadow of the ship’s funnel, Archer observed the ship’s bow. His magical ability and physical condition were even worse than the time at Fuyuki Bridge.


The King of Knights entered the scene. Leaping in from the prow of the ship, clad in silver, she appeared slightly exhausted. Nonetheless, gallantry and powerful magical energy radiated from her attire.

Exhausted, huh? Maybe she got mixed up in a battle somewhere.

Archer meditated. With his left hand destroyed, he couldn’t even shoot a bow. But challenging Saber to hand-to-hand combat in his current danger was also reckless. If it came to that, escape was his only alternative, but he wondered if he could retreat so easily. He had slipped through her fingers once. Saber took competition seriously, and she would not let him escape so simply. Based on experience, he couldn’t believe it would end safely if he showed his back to Saber.

Break through the front. That’s all I can do.

He would go through the front and open a means of escape. If it was inevitable, then there was doubt it being resolved.

His fortune had been severely made sport of in the previous battle. His sense were not split, but in this battle against the clever woman, he would just have to move effectively.

“…This is it, Saber.”

Prepared, Archer stepped out from the shadow of the funnel. He gazed up towards the enormous bridge that was nearing, and confronted Saber.


Gazing at the wounded and ragged Archer, Saber frowned slightly.

“…Servant Archer. I am unable to understand… What you intended with your actions the other day.”

Even while slight confusion appeared in her expression, the strength of the glint in her eyes glaring at Archer did not change. Was this trouble?

“…Heh. Well, it was just a whim. Let me ask you, O King of Blades, surely you don’t enjoy being struck by your allies?”

“…Nonsense. For some reason I can not understand, you appear to know my true nature. Then-“


A strong wind blew. A gale that resembling the portent of a hurricane. Archer braced his legs, and focused his eyes.



Of course, it was not a wind born of nature. Ghostly magic received from the Lady of the Lake: The Barrier of the Lord of the Wind.

It concealed the “sword” within, and the torrent of enormous magic it had been concealing up till now poured out into the physical world. The storm with Saber at its center soon settled, and in her hand appeared a golden sword.

“I have no intention to show mercy. Disappear along with the rust of my sword, Archer.”

A divine weapon forged in the heavens. Desired and sought by all, it stood as the mightiest illusion that tore all before it asunder.

“Excalibur, the Sword of Promised Victory.”

The phantasm of utmost beauty and radiance was now drawn before Archer’s eyes.

Exaclibur, the Sword of Promised Victory. The symbol of the King of Knights.

Together With House Husband, Part 2, Chapter 48.

And thus was the Last Phantasm revealed.

The mightiest illusion is thrust at Archer. Can his dream surpass the phantasm that spares none?

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