Together with House-Husband, Part 2, Chapter 49 – My Masters

Together with House-Husband, Part 2, Chapter 49 – My Masters


Saber had shown Excalibur.

To confront Archer, the invisibility effect lent by the Barrier of the King of the Wind had been abandoned, the sword’s shroud judged meaningless. Freely exposing the strongest of weapons was proof that Saber was confronting Archer seriously.

By showing that sword, retreating and advancing were no longer permissible. Quite possibly the embodiment of her resolve, Saber’s consciousness focused on defeating Archer to that extent.

No hesitation, no sorrow; she would have to fairly and openly crush him straight on. The blade radiating golden light slowly leveled itself, aiming right for his eyes.

That stance possessed a firm, iron-clad resolve that seemed to convey the logic of those who preside over heaven and earth itself.

No faults, no gaps, no weaknesses. What a beautiful existence.

Archer trembled. He was driven into a corner, but towards the portent of death that loomed before his eyes, he felt strong longing and awe.

Such yearning that he could accept the being confronted with all her strength, enchanted as he was by her figure. That was an impossible wish, one dream. He would be satisfied even if he died.


Heh heh… Sorry, Saber. I’ve regained all that i’ve lost… I’ve remembered it all… I understand the warmth of a smile… That’s why-

He recalled their two smiles. Just from that, the power he thought was already exhausted sprung forth. He had something to protect. Tears that he wanted to turn to smiles.

In that dream of his, there was someone he wanted to save. That’s why he couldn’t lose.

Rin and Sakura. For their sake, for the sake of his two masters, he would not lose.

He gripped Bakuya. He confronted his despair. The first step he took would have to possess the greatest power, and thus he lowered and lowered his stance. He was just like a pouncing tiger.


The energy that was gathering appeared to be reaching it’s zenith. The rising pressure shook the air. The two heroes had to defeat one another, and with a shattering roar they exchanged glances.

In that moment, it was as if two mighty rivals clashed, locking swords against-



He could faintly hear voices in the powerful wind.


While not shifting her gaze from Archer, Saber seemed to hear the voices as well, and her eyebrows shifted slightly.

There. The approaching Fuyuki Bridge. On the footpath.

Indomitably and desperately, frantically struggling against the wind, two shouting, childish figures stood.




Two small shadows danced in the night sky. As soon as the ship had reached the bridge. Rin and Sakura, his two masters, had jumped from the handrail on the footpath. They aimed towards their servant.


In that moment, his opponent, and everything that had occurred.

It all went flying off.

“You idiots!!!!!”

Pouring forth all the power he had prepared and honed, Archer leapt.


Caught by surprise at the Bowman who leapt towards the light of the day that lay beyond the horizon of tomorrow, Saber stood confused.

A father stood in panic at the very sight his daughters jumping from the bridge.

The eyes of ashen, gray man who had emerged from the stern also went wide with wonder.

With everyone watching on-

-The two children fell into the wounded knight’s chest.

Together With House Husband, Part 2, Chapter 49.
For whom is the sword wielded? For what do you embrace the dream? He ran through the battlefield called the Holy Grail War, through battle after battle.

Many shadows had kept on running, even amidst the doubt and pain. Within that darkness, the bowman had found a warm light.

If he extended his hand, it would, at last, reach the hand that lay at his destination.

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