Together with House-Husband, Part 2, Chapter 51 – Together with Archer the House-Husband: The End. [Part 2 END]

Together with House-Husband, Part 2, Chapter 51 – Together with Archer the House Husband: The End.

As if they might never part from the feeling of the warm, reliable, wide breast they now clung to, the two children grasped Archer tightly.

Pondering whether good fortune had room for such a blessing, Archer clapped the two gently on the back repeatedly. As if to relieve them, and promise to defend them.

“Rin, Sakura. I made you worry.”

Sniff, sniff… Stupid…!”


“Ah… And now.”

Sniff…?” “……?”

“Thank you, you two. You have my eternal gratitude.”

“…Eh heh heh… Us too… Thank you very much!”

“S-, stupid… We have to do everything! I’ve never heard of a princess going to get her knight! The Master has it hard when their Servant is so clumsy!”

Rin and Sakura spoke happily while wiping their tears.

“…Heh heh. Then how about I show you just what that clumsy Servant can do?”

He stood, and glanced at the rear bow. There stood Saber with her troubled expression, and Kiritsugu with his listless look. Archer glared towards both.

“Archer. Is your wound okay?”

Tohsaka Tokiomi merely stood there and asked the question with quiet eyes. It seemed he had finished without engaging in battle. Perhaps the opportunity to challenge them had slipped away, as there appeared to be no signs of movement from the other two.

“Not exactly. But I never thought those two would stay quiet and let us go. You seem quite capable, Tohsaka Tokiomi, but I must warn you, Saber is strong.”

“…Yes. At the beginning I may have made light of her, but I can’t contend with that. Handling that man, the Magus Killer, is the limit of what I can do.

“…But can you challenge Saber in that condition, Archer?”

Archer was at a loss for words. It would be enough it was merely a matter of vitality, but it would be naive to be reckless. Archer’s situation right now rendered him far inferior to Saber, and even under perfect conditions besting Saber at hand-to-hand combat was a nigh impossible task.

Just what could he do?



Their conversation reaching their ears, the two grasped the hem of his coat with worried expressions.

“…Can you win? Can you beat that pretty Servant?”

Rin asked him, her large eyes open and staring directly at him. With that childishness, it would be a trial passing through battlegrounds of life or death. To divert that suffering, if only a little, Archer made a smile devoid of his usual cynicism.

“…Of course. It’s not “can I win”, it’s “I will win”. Don’t you believe in your own Servant?”

“N-, no, that’s not it!”

“…But, Archer-san…”

Sakura spoke, and shifted her gaze to Archer’s destroyed left arm. In the corner of her eyes tears once again appeared.

“…You’re arm is so hurt… I-, I bet it was scary… I bet it hurt… Sniff…”

“Not at all. It’s not as bad as it looks, okay? It’s fine… Don’t worry.”

“…Archer-san…” “…Archer…”

The two looked sadly into the face of Archer as he exaggerated.

“…No. It hurts being alone, so don’t just bear it! You can’t, so…”

“Sniff… It’s so painful being alone… We’re here if it hurts, so… Please… Rely on us more… Oooh…”

Tears rising to their large eyes, he spun his words to the best of his ability to reach their disturbed hearts. Archer had upset them. He smiled bitterly at the corners of his mouth and organized his words.

“…Honestly. Yes, of course it hurts. But… It can’t be healed easily.”

“Can’t heal it…? We can’t do it?”

“…It’s unsuitable for humans. So there’s nothing to worry about.”

“Ahhh… Archer-san… I… I…!”

“Oh, no… Don’t cry. It’s hardest for me when you cry. So… smile for me. Send me off with a smile. I’m a simple person. That’s all I need.”

“Uuuu…” “Ahhh…”

Perhaps because they had put Archer on the spot, or because they were saddened that that was all they could do, Rin and Sakura’s eyes hung down sadly as they stared at Archer’s wound.

“We can do it.”

“We’re the only ones who can do it.”

They spoke, and stared at the back of their hands. They two exchanged glances.

“Got it.”

“We’ve got it…!”

“…Ready, Sakura?”

“Y-, yes! Let’s do it!”

As soon as they spoke, they took Archer’ s hand and closed their eyes. The symbol etched onto the back of their hands began to give off a dazzling, brilliant light.

“What? …It can’t be.”

“Anfang. Vertrag. Ein neuer nagel. Ein neues gesetz. Ein neues energie!”


The glowing command seals performed the sorcerers’ decree. A crystallization of great magic,  a set of three command seals for controlling the Servant. That enormous power filled Archer’s body.

The enormous amount of magical energy pouring into him broke free of his capacity, the overflow covering his body. The parts he had lost were restored, and his wounded spiritual form was returned to normal.

“Command seals…!”

The power diffused through his entire body, and his senses, abilities, and the entirety of the power he had possessed returned completely. Now, he could challenge even Saber.




The two small children squeezed his hand a little tighter, and looked at him.

“We’re kids, so… We’re not strong enough to support you, Archer-san…”

“Even though we’re mages, we’re inexperienced… There might be nothing we can do…”


“But, even so, we know. You’re a bully, and you have a bad mouth, but… You’re really kind. We know you love housework more than fighting!”

“You’re good at singing, and at washing and cooking too! You made us both so happy… We know that!”


“So… We believe in you. We believe in Archer-san more than anyone, so…! Even if you’re scary, and even if you’re a Servant. Archer-san is Archer-san. You’re kind, and reliable, and we believe in you because you’re our Archer-san…”

“…I see.”

“So, as Masters… No, as a member of the Tohsaka family, as Tohsaka Rin… please. You have to win, Archer! Because…Because we’re all going to go home… Together!”


That. Just that. Such a warm, gentle command. If it was a wish like that, he would fulfill it, no matter what.

Archer wiped away their tears with his hand that had been warmed anew. Like they were ticklish, and happy, the two smiled bashfully.

That was what he had wanted. That was what he had wanted to protect. The dream he had believed he could protect with his hands, given form.

Yes… These hands, this power… was not to kill or hurt others. They were meant to protect- to protect the happiness of others.

As their servant… No… As the “House Husband” who protected their home and happiness, he would accept that power gladly.

“…Yes. I understand. We’ll go back home… With everyone!”

Together With House Husband, Part 2, Chapter 51.

Together with Archer the House Husband.

Now stand, for who you have to protect, for the place you must defend.

My rank is Archer, but my role is different.

It may be challenging, it may be difficult, but I am the firm, ever-present guardian of these two children and their future ever bright.

I am Archer, the House Husband.

The year I spent with you two was the answer I had so sought. I’ve returned to that place.

I’ll be your House Husband, ’till the very end!

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  1. >The glowing command seals performed the sorcerers’ decree. A crystallization of great magic, a set of three command seals for controlling the Servant.

    So did they just use all three command seals, or just one?

    • Sorcerers’ decree would probably mean one. There’s more stuff in the later chapters so hopefully it becomes clearer then.

      • I’m not so sure.

        In HF, Kotomine is said to have a magic crest that was used up to remove the worms from Sakura. If you then read through Fate/Zero, it becomes obvious that that ‘magic crest’ was actually the command spells that he got from his father when he died.

        So, it appears that command spells are basically large bundles of prana that the master can call upon (usually to command the servant to obey them, but sometimes to do other things), and thus using three of them would heal him more quickly and more effectively than using one. Given that they trust him totally and know that he won’t betray them, there’s no reason for them to avoid using all three command spells if they feel it is necessary to do so.

      • Actually, I believe he does have it. Apart from the hints in UBW that say he does, there’s also the fact that, for him to not have it, he’d have to have removed it from his body and given it to Saber, which would mean Archer would have to basically be Fate Shirou, which is something Nasu has explicitly denied.

        But, since it doesn’t work without a connection to Saber, it’s entirely useless to him.

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