NEEDLESS 24 Translated!

I’m going to play Final Fantasy 13 again. Why do I like to torture myself with Vanille’s voice so.

Chapter 25 in a day or two, since the redraws can go to hell.

Mediafire: HERE

3 thoughts on “NEEDLESS 24 Translated!

  1. What is this “Needless Zero” that keeps popping up from time to time? Some kind of special past-chapter? Is so, will you translate it?

    • its a volume zero of needless with both past and future events in the needless time line. he already posted the chapter with seto and solva.

      great work as always xephfyre :mrgreen: 🙂

      so there was no disk data bank this chapter?

      • No databank, nope.

        Also, tl is currently afk, searching for the meaning of life. Will be back soon, though, so in the meantime i’ll wrap up Vol. 4 and Acchi Kocchi.

        p.s. When he does come back, I do intend to try NEEDLESS 0 and 02. Shit’s cash.

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