NEEDLESS 27, Also some explanations.

So yeah, here’s NEEDLESS 27.

Also, I feel an explanation is in order. For the past few weeks, work’s been pretty much eating all of my life, in many senses of the word. So for now, please try not to expect too much.

Also, translator still afk, hopefully not for long, though.

Mediafire: HERE

6 thoughts on “NEEDLESS 27, Also some explanations.

  1. Thanks for the release bro! Your translations and scans are great, and your the only one scanning Needless so you’re still #1 in my book. Thanks for spending the time to work on this!

  2. Hey just droping in to say; thank you for the wonderfull release! I luve Needless and your scanlations of it! Good luck at your work and I hope you catch up to the point where the anime strated chaing things soon!


  3. Don’t worry about it. Your health is most important. Just do what you can and let us worry about releases. We’ll survive. 😉

  4. FYI, pew-pew has been translating the series since chapter 50 if you didn’t know. You’re in good company.

  5. you guys are awesome but i would really like to know if you guys are going to continue scanning it because im really anxious to read chapter 28 and the rest. the only other person scanning it is called pewpew and they only scanned chapter 50 and higher.

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