7 thoughts on “Acchi Kocchi Chapter 8

  1. thanks for putting the chapter on mediafire.
    and if you’re playing as protoss Vs. Terrans, scoutng is the key.
    you want pylon then usually gateway then forge or assimilator (depending on the build you want) blocking off isnt as key as it is with zerg, but try to get chargelots quickly to deal with marines. if you see a destiny cloudfist build (1-1-1) you may have a MMM build to worry bout and get colossi. if they choose vikings to deal with colossi go with an imoortal/stalker build. that also works Vs seige tanks. if seige tanks are down a void ray or 3 can do a decent job…. but yeah imo scouting is what matters. if you want to try to cheese your enemy to death you can always go 9 pylon, 11 (or 12) forge, and then build pylons and cannons in your enemies base. that wont work vs good players though. they will either lift off and just aim for a high yeild, or aim for your probe. or get men out fast enough.

    anyway, it all comes to scouting. robo bay is always recommended for protoss as immortals and colossi are very good verses terran. well, colossi not so good vs vikings, but mass stalker with 3 or 4 colossi as backup can dramaticaly reduce the effectiveness of vikings. expecially if you have blink stalkers, as vikings cant land.

  2. Hey thnks 4 the chapter xD but I have a question; when u r going 2 release needless chapter 28?? pew pew is translating, but only ahead of chapter 50 😥 your translations are great and do not take many chapters to finish needless 😐

  3. Um I know a couple of guys that play SC2 pretty pro. You’re asking for a terran build? There’s a korean tourney right now over at gomtv.net they have a pretty neat 1 BC build by Augusta. I’m not into it but I’ve watched it you can just look at the pros and mimic em.

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