KnK Fuukan Fuukei Chapter 4

After a month of my translator being away, and me still sucking at Starcraft 2, I think we’re ready to get back on track.

Here’s Chapter 4 of the KnK anthology, so enjoy! It’s short, but funny.

Also, if anyone reading this, if willing and able, would you be willing to spare a bit of server space, or at the least has any advice on some? Mediafire seems to not like me anymore, and I loathe depositfiles and rapidshit.

Mediafire: HERE

9 thoughts on “KnK Fuukan Fuukei Chapter 4

  1. Hahahhahahaha, this one was hilarious!

    Once again, you guys are awesome.

    And I second fan’s suggestion – megaupload has yet to let me down personally, so probably it’ll serve you guys well?

  2. Well, I could name you as many file sharing sites as I can if that helps.

    Hotfile, Filesonic, Fileserve, Uploading, Sendspace, Megaupload

    Most common ones I’ve seen people using (other than Depositfiles and Mediafire) are probably Hotfile and Megaupload.

    Also I got bored of SC2. Hurry up wow patch!

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