What the hell do I do with this place

I don’t really even know at this point. Back when I was still active, Type-Moon translations were few and far between (they are to an extent still, but I’m very happy at having seen the community grow from the sidelines), and getting shit translated was hard as fuck.

Now, now the community has dedicated people to doing this, and me and YHK (my old translator) have long since retired (he had law school, I had the military and now I have college).

I dug up my old House-Husband stuff, and after comparing the source material I think I’ve made some nice touchups. I’ll post everything I have, so happy new year.

I figure from here on out, I’ll just use this blog to post translations for stuff I read and enjoy (no scanlations, I’m lazy like that) to help me along as I prep for my JLPT 2 and eventually JLPT 1 classes. I don’t really care if it’s been TL’ed or not, but chances are they probably wouldn’t be.

I also take requests for free. I’m a bad student like that.

4 thoughts on “What the hell do I do with this place

  1. Welcome back. Glad to see you posting again after so long.

    Any chance you’ll keep translating the House Husband series? I honestly never expected to see it updated again, but now that it has I can’t help but want more.

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