Type Moon @ Comiket 76

This is so Iluna can help me buy stuff and stop asking me when they update their site ufufu~

Okay so basically much hasn’t changed. Type Moon is still on the same floor, same hall.

Their schedule for these 3 days is:

開催期間 2009年8月14日(金) / 15日(土) / 16日(日)
開催時間 10:00~17:00(14日.15日)/10:00~16:00(16日)
ブース位置 西地区4階 企業ブース211 TYPE-MOON

EDIT: 14th-16th August, 14th-15th they’ll be open from 1000hrs to 1700 hrs (10 am to 5 pm) at the Nishi Hall (East Hall) 4th floor commercial booth 211. They open from 1000hrs to 1400 hrs (10 am to 4 pm) on the 16th.

Good thing this year is that there are 3 sets as opposed to 4 seperate items in 2008 winter. On the flipside I felt that Winter ’08’s set was far more gratifying (at least, perhaps, for artfags)

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In related news…

bazett-lancer Fate/Unlimited codes gets localized via digital distribution, GONZO returns for Strike Witches 2, CLANNAD’s Another World: kyou’s story pre-screening and uh…

1. Fate/Unlimited Codes set for localization and digital delivery. Although content-wise, there’s little to actually be had ‘cept new costumes and the option for wireless play. (The PS2 has no form of wireless device, lol)

2. Another World: Kyou’s Story will be pre-screened on the 24th of May. About a month and a week before DVD8 comes out on the 1st of July, over at this place. Time: 13:30 to 14:40 JST.

3. GONZO returns for Strike witches S2? I give them mad props for knowing when to hang on to a series.

4. Gundam OP/ED collections 1 and 2 go on sale on the 25th of August.

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I wish I had more Type-Moon news, but I got nothing. Well, I got nothing unless you’re interested to know that there was a pretty large Canaan event held recently.