Fate/Stay Night – The Movie Announced!

Hot off the press! Right on the heels of Type-Moon’s C76 product lineup announcement comes this.



Which basically means Fate/Stay Night’s getting a movie. Gekijouban Fate/Stay Night HELL YES.

Official Website HERE


No details have been announced yet, cast, studio or release date wise.

Please, Type-Moon, Please have ufotable do a full-length movie of Heaven’s Feel. Please.

EDIT: Apparently if you whois fatestaynight.jp it appears the registrar of the domain is GENEON entertainment, most notable for working with DEEN, Type Moon, TBS…etc on the Fate Project. (Thanks for this, /fate/)

Well, on the bright side DEEN’s doing pretty good with umineko imo, that and Jikogu Shoujo was pretty decent in it’s own right. Guess I don’t have much to complain about.