The Fate/Stay Night Movie Official Page Updated!

Just as a friendly reminder- the Gekijouban Fate/Stay Night Official Page has been updated.


It now reflects the actual release date for the movie: 23/1/2010 (dd/mm/yyyy)

Also listed are some products that can be bought at NatsuComi (C76) alongside others to coincide with this movie’s release (now that you think about it, Comiket is a great platform to promote awareness/sell products, etc…) in addition to advance ticket sales (i think) for 2700 yen.

Amongst those are ones by Frontier Works, RONDO ROBE (GENEON Ent’s record label) etc etc.

Notice a common theme here? *AHEM* Fate Project *AHEM*

Also listed are the cinemas (and the areas in Japan they’re located in) that are due to show F/SN the movie. Now includes a link to the theatre websites.

Oh and if that’s an advance ticket price- that’s pretty scary bro.