Belated Happy New Year’s. Plus a series.

Happy New Year guys! Can’t say I’ve paid this place much attention, ain’t that the truth.

Fact is, I usually spend most of my non-army days sleeping, though now I’ve picked up a series I can actually somewhat enjoy reading, do hit me up with a request of two for doujinshi. I’d like to try my hand at some again.

Also I haven’t abandoned HouseHusband. I just need to get the stupid files outta my external drive.

By the way, the new series is a somewhat older one, called “Captain Alice” about a female pilot who could give Razgriz and Talisman a good run for their money.

Trivia: Female pilots, even copilots, are a rarity. So becoming one is already a great beat to the odds.

Without further ado: HERE

Acchi Kocchi Chapters 11 and 12.

Okay, so explanation and content. Two in one, whaddya know.

First off, I’m now serving compulsory military service in my home nation (no prize for guessing which)- for two years no less. I’m sort of 1/4 of the way there but the road there was kind of an interest killer. tl;dr procrastination felt good.

I’m doing this to improve my own Japanese in hopes of one day taking my JLPT (code: I’m a lazy shit who prefers doing jack to taking actual tests. Hell, walking more than 15 minutes from my house to anywhere else is considered :effort:) and getting a nice piece of paper that acts as e-peen viagra (if you’re into that sort of thing).

So without further ado, here: TAKE IT.

KnK Fuukan Fuukei Chapter 4

After a month of my translator being away, and me still sucking at Starcraft 2, I think we’re ready to get back on track.

Here’s Chapter 4 of the KnK anthology, so enjoy! It’s short, but funny.

Also, if anyone reading this, if willing and able, would you be willing to spare a bit of server space, or at the least has any advice on some? Mediafire seems to not like me anymore, and I loathe depositfiles and rapidshit.

Mediafire: HERE